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A Call to Action: Encouraging Young Adults to Be the Change

INA Blog A Call to Action Encouraging Young Adults to Be the Change 1Kids and young people growing up today are experiencing things that people in decades past never imagined. A pandemic, global warming, war, racial injustices, and a multitude of other things are flooding headlines around the world, and our kids are learning to process and live through these life changing events. One thing is certain: growing up in today’s world requires guts and encouraging young people to stand up and be the change that the world needs is important. Here are some tips on how to do that.

#1: Encourage volunteerism.

What is the young person in your life passionate about? Encourage them to volunteer for organizations or to get involved in causes that matter to them. Not only does this give them something to build their resume with as they get older, but it also gives them the chance to make a difference in the world. Maybe it’s a one-time project, or a regular weekly time to volunteer at a local company or non-profit. No matter what, this is a great way to help communities and gives young people a chance to be part of something that matters.

#2: Don’t doubt them.

One person can make a difference. Never doubt the power that the young person in your life has to affect change on both a small and bigger scale. Think about Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein, or Nelson Mandela. These individuals made long-lasting contributions to the world, and young people today have the same potential.

#3: Help them raise awareness on a cause that is important to them.

Start a campaign to raise funds for a specific cause or use social media platforms to raise awareness for something that the young adult in your life is enthusiastic about. Coming alongside them to raise awareness on a topic or issue helps them feel supported and heard.

#4: Remind them that their voice is valuable.

Unfortunately, sometimes young people don’t feel like they are seen or heard and oftentimes, their perspective is swept under the rug. To fight that, be intentional about listening to their stories, their perspectives, and their feelings on causes and issues. These things matter and they bring a well-rounded view to world issues that we need to influence change. Encouraging young people to speak out teaches them that their voice matters.

Young people are full of ideas. They are brave, energetic, and willing to step out and do something that can help shape the world in a positive way. With their problem-solving skills and unique perspective, we can be confident that our cities and countries have hope to become a stronger place for other generations to live and work in.  

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