Activities that develop curiosity in adults

INA Blog Activities That Develop Curiosity in AdultsAs we get older, we get busier and busier. While all ideas that we have stem from some sort of curiosity, with the hectic days that life throws at us, it might feel like there is no time to be curious. So, how can you develop a deeper sense of curiosity despite your busy lifestyle? Here are some activities that don’t take much time but can help spark curiosity inside your heart and mind.

#1: Visit a local library or bookstore.
Take an hour to visit your local library or a bookstore in your town or neighborhood.  Make time to look through the shelves and peruse different titles and topics that catch your eye. Focus on spending 5 or 10 minutes on each shelf, then move on after that to concentrate on the next section. Take note of the books that you pick up – is there a theme about what topics or genres interest you? If so, make a note of that and dig deeper into why that might be. Buy or check out a couple of books and set a goal of reading them in the next couple of months. You never know what you might find and what might pique your interest.

#2: Reframe the way you look at the world.
Think back to when you were a five- or six-year-old child. For many of us, that age was a time of intense curiosity and learning. As an adult, consider some ways you could view the world as a child again. Maybe it’s by asking lots of questions, maybe it’s by volunteering with a group of kids or spending more time with the kids that you know in your life. Perhaps it means getting out to explore the world with a trip. Looking at things like a child can encourage you to explore and take risks, which ultimately makes you a stronger, more well-rounded adult.

#3: Change up your environment.
Routines are very helpful, but over time, they can feel stifling. So, every now and again, change up the scenery around you. Take a long weekend away to the beach, to a cabin, or to a vibrant city. Ask your boss if you can work from home once a week or once a month. Sometimes, it only takes one simple change of environment to spark huge creativity and curiosity.

#4: Ask for feedback from your friends, family, and co-workers.
This activity will take courage and vulnerability. However, it is something that can truly open up a path of curiosity in yourself. Ask people that you trust and that you know have your best interest at heart to point out what they think your strengths and weaknesses are. Sometimes, having someone explain how they view you will give you a glimpse into another side of yourself that will allow you to dig into that part of your personality that you could grow. For example, maybe your friends and family see some great leadership potential in you and want you to feel encouraged to step into your dream of becoming an entrepreneur. While you may have felt that you have the potential, it might feel scary to step out on your own without hearing validating things from those around you. Asking for feedback from those you trust can be life building if you let it!

Cultivating a lifestyle of curiosity is something that will transform your daily life. What ways can you dive into the things that you’re most curious about?

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