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30th Annual INA Conference … Cancun Mexico?

by Sheri Lopez, INA Nanny of the Year 2014

6/2/2014 Update: Dates have been announced! April 23 – 26, 2015. Subscribe at right to our Weekly Brief to learn hotel details, sponsorship opportunities, programming, registration announcements and more!

Conference planning has already begun for 2015; the Board of Directors is working hard to ensure the 30th Annual INA Conference will be spectacular, educational and fun!

All-inclusive hotels are being reviewed and evaluated in Cancun right now and hopefully we will have confirmation in early summer that we can start preparing for a fun in the sun Conference.

If an all-inclusive hotel is new to you, please note that  meals, snacks and some beverages are included in each reservation. This is different than sharing a room (fixed rate divided by the number in the room) and paying a la carte for meals and beverages outside conference.

While we wait on the announcement of the conference dates and venue selection, I thought I would share why I believe Cancun will be a great location. Besides, the sun, the sandy beaches and the blue ocean, Cancun has a lot of adventures to offer.

Several years ago a research study was conducted searching for the ‘perfect’ travel destination. The researchers entered information into a computer, including; great year round weather, proximity to points of interest and reasonable travel time to them, local points of interest, food and safety. After these and other criteria were entered into the computer, the computer selected Cancun, Mexico as the ideal travel location.

Several years ago I went to Cancun for vacation and I had an amazing time, the people were so friendly, I never felt unsafe and the crystal clear blue ocean is breath taking. I never ran out of things to do there, in fact Cancun is the first place I went para-sailing!

There are a lot of fun activities and shopping in the hotel district, in the evenings the street vendors come out with their carts, making souvenir shopping fun and simple. There are many tourist destinations and historical destinations a short trip from Cancun that are worth seeing.

Xel Ha is a nature preserve and a water park, but not the kind with water slides. This is a beautiful place with natural coral reef, not man made and a great place to snorkel among thousands of fish in a safe, secluded environment. The lower levels of water and natural insulated cover make snorkeling here much safer than in the ocean.

Chitchen Itza is the site of a well preserved Mayan Village. Visiting here is a step back in time as you wander the grounds and see ruins still standing and the Chitchen Itza pyramid, which you can climb. It is a sight to see.

Then there is the ‘Cave of the Sleeping Sharks’. If you are into hair-raising thrills, this may be for you, as you can actually dive into a cave of sleeping sharks. This cave produces natural nitrous oxide like chemicals which put sharks to sleep. This is one of the only places on the planet to see sharks immobile. Less than a handful of places worldwide have the right temperature, chemical balance and have sharks. Because sharks must move to keep water going through their lungs, they swim and move forward even while asleep. But here the chemicals sedate the sharks, actually rendering them unconscious. This is a very popular destination and has enthralled many.

Here are just a few reasons why Cancun is the perfect location for the 30th Annual INA Conference

  1. Plenty of fun activities and adventures
  2. A great location for a family vacation and conference all in one
  3. All-inclusive means that food options will be greater, with more variety to please every appetite
  4. A re-designed workshop schedule to allow for more free time to enjoy the sites
  5. We are the ‘International’ Nanny Association, so let’s go ‘international’

Have you been to Cancun? Share with other INA members what you found memorable below.

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