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Have you purchased your registration for INA’s 2019 Annual Conference? In addition to the 27 educational workshops to choose from, you also have the chance to come a little early and gain even more knowledge through our Thursday afternoon Extended Workshops. Today we are highlighting our offering for the Newborn Care Specialists Track, Nanny Track and Agency Training.

Newborn Care Specialists Track – Trauma-informed Care for Postpartum Families will be taught by Alexis Edwards from Birth 360 & Courtney Butts from Soulfully Rooted Birth. This training will provide guidance and tools to perinatal professionals on how to better serve survivor clients through their pregnancy and postpartum. It will explore the various types of trauma that can impact maternal health including; intimate partner violence, sexual trauma, race-based trauma, birth trauma, and overall enhance your ability to serve women experiencing current or past abuse.

We asked Alexis what she hopes attendees get from this workshop and she told us, “Trauma changes the way we think, act and percieve the world around us. This training will explore and expand participant’s knowledge around various types of trauma and how trauma impacts not only the body and brain but also baby’s development and long-term health. Participants will leave equipped with information and tools on how to serve women experiencing current or past abuse, including how to best support a family healing from a traumatic birth or postpartum experience.”

Add this Extended workshop to your registration and make plans to attend on Thursday, March 21 from 2:00-5:00 PM. The cost for the workshop is $75.

Nanny Track – A Self-Evaluation: Your Career, Your Resume, and Your Social Media will be taught by Donna Shannon of Personal Touch Career Services. Calling all Nannies! Everyone wants to do work that they love, but do you know how to clearly define what your professional passion really is and the direction for your career? Even better, does your resume and social media accurately reflect your path? Based on interactive exercises, award-winning career coach Donna Shannon will help you define your career and write professional resumes and social media profiles to attract the right employers. This workshop will be held on Thursday, March 21 from 2:00-5:00 PM and costs $35. You can add this workshop to your INA cart when you register for the 2019 Conference.

Those who have a new agency or have an agency in business for less than 3 years, should attend the New Agency Workshop taught by Megan Metzger and Kate Jones of Preferred Childcare. With passion and wit, these two ladies will provide thought-provoking insight to running an agency and leave you with a comprehensive list of to-dos to create a successful business.

We asked Megan and Kate what they look forward to folks getting out of this workshop and they told us, “Are you thinking of starting an agency and unsure where to start? Have you launched your business but are ready to go to the next level? Then this is the workshop you can’t miss!” Join Kate Jones of Preferred Childcare and Megan Metzger of Megan Metzger Consulting as these two industry veterans give you a blueprint to build an agency that is ready to scale. Learn the pillars of success and master the steps necessary to market, recruit, build, and grow a successful nanny agency that will work without you! Add this Extended workshop to your registration and make plans to attend on Thursday, March 21 from 2:00-5:00 PM. The cost of this workshop is $65.

Find the full schedule on our Conference Website.

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