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Have your nanny charge create the next INA Merch Design

Merch Design ContestJuly 15, 2022 is your last chance to get one of our introductory series INA Shirts. But we are going to be continuing to offer t-shirts and other merchandise and we would love for you to help us design it.

We want the next design to feature a nanny charge’s (nanny kid) drawing.

  1. Download and print THIS SHEET sheet and have your charge (nanny kid) draw what they think a nanny is or does. Let’s see that creativity and love for you shine through.
  2. Take a picture or scan the image and send it to info@nanny.org by August 3, 2022. If your selection is chosen we will need a high quality image so hold on to the hard copy. We may need to get a better digital image in the future.
  3. The INA Board will narrow the submissions down and present the finalists to be voted on August 14- 24th by our entire community.
  4. The final design will be chosen and available for purchase early in September so you can get your merch by NNRW!

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