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INA Board Spotlight – Greta Schraer

The INA is excited to introduce you to Greta Schraer, a member the INA Board of Directors. Greta has answered a few questions for us so that you can get to know her a bit better. As a member of the Board, she along with the other Board Members work to support our association and industry. We look forward to introducing you to our other Board Members in the future.

What is your board member position?

I am Chair of the Volunteer Steering Committee as well as the Meritorious Service Award Committee.

What is your job?

I am the owner and director CincyNanny which was established in 2009. I started it first as a community for nannies to connect, train and elevate the nanny industry locally in Cincinnati, Ohio. Since then we have grown to offer coaching to both nannies and families and offer placement services for families seeking to hire a nanny to join their family team.

What brought you to the nanny industry?

As an only child, I always enjoyed caring for children. It was the way I made an income from age 12 to 22 years old. I nannied through college and after graduation, I moved into working in ministry with middle and high school students and project management. After a difficult church split I found nannying again and began looking into the option of a career as a professional nanny, long-term.

What brought you to the INA?

I stumbled upon the website while researching the industry at large and 4 weeks later attended my first INA Conference in Dallas. I was blown away with the standard set for the industry, the professionalism, resources, and camaraderie of new friendships that I had found in 3 days of the conference. I was ecstatic to bring this to back to my city and handful of nanny friends.

What do you find most beneficial about the INA?

I value the mentors that have gone ahead and set the standard. There are so many professionals – business owners and caregivers – to learn from, ask questions, and befriend. The relationships I have made through the INA have been a true gift to this solopreneur.

What do you feel you bring to the INA?

I am passionate about the resource INA is to providers, families, and businesses. I share INA with every client and candidate I meet. I love being part of something bigger that invests in elevating the industry. I hope to advocate for the industry and point many to our association so that they may find what they need to have successful working relationships. It is such a value to me personally and I am privileged to share my voice and skills to serve on the board.

What is something you have accomplished while on the board that you are proud of?

I hope to bridge the gap between member and leader. Through the Volunteer Steering Committee, I hope to engage and connect members to volunteer with committees. This not only helps accomplish the work of our association but encourages involvement, training, and developing leaders and future Board Members. I am really excited to be a stronger team which can only mean a stronger association.

Do you have a message you’d like to share INA members and the nanny industry community at large?

Thank you for staying connected, supporting, and bettering our industry at large. We each have unique skills and a unique voice that we can use to advocate and educate. This happens by simply sharing what you know and are passionate about.

Greta Schraer is the founder and owner of CincyNanny in Cincinnati, Ohio. She has been in the child care industry for over 20 years and is excited to support the nanny industry locally and nationally. Greta serves on the International Nanny Association Board of Directors and was awarded the INA Nanny of the Year Award in 2010. Greta started CincyNanny in 2009 as a community for nannies offering training, play dates, and social events for nannies, as well as, coaching and placement for families seeking to hire a nanny.

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