INA Board Spotlight: Marcia Hall

What is your name? Marcia Hall  

What is your Board member position? President

What is your job? I am the Owner and Founder of Nanny Coaching Team and am a full-time mom of 3 (8, 5 and 3 years old)

What brought you to the nanny industry? At the age of 17 I knew child care and nannying was the direction I wanted my life to head. In 1997 I graduated from the English Nanny and Governess School (ENGS) and for the next 15 years I was a Professional Nanny caring for children from birth through age 16. During my last nanny job I was a Nanny-Mom and able to bring my oldest child to work with me. In the spring of 2012, we welcomed home our second child and decided to alter direction, changing my role in the industry.  At that time I was also a Family Coach and helped parents as they went through challenges with their children. In 2014 I opened Nanny Coaching Team with the goal to provide nanny focused quality continuing education that could be completed in the comfort of your home.

What brought you to the INA? I was introduced to the INA while I attended ENGS and became an INA member in 2005. It was not until I was nominated as the Nanny of the Year in 2009 and attended the conference for the first time that I really understood why being a part of the INA should be a part of my life. I met warm, friendly, and professional individuals that were just as passionate about teaching children and supporting families as I was.

What do you find most beneficial about the INA? There are so many benefits in being an INA member but the most meaningful thing to me is the knowledge that by working cooperatively with others I am impacting industry in a positive way. Being a member in the INA means that I am standing alongside individuals from around the world to advance and improve the industry.

What you feel you bring to the INA? Over the six plus years, I have been on the Board of Directors, I have held many positions. From working with committees like Membership, Nanny of the Year, Nanny Workshops, and Caregiver Mentor Committee to the Executive Board Secretary and now President. I believe my capacity to organize complicated projects has been a benefit to these programs. In my current position as President, I hope that those same skills are an asset to the entire association. I also bring the ability to look at situations from many different perspectives with an open mind.That means I am equipped to find the middle ground in most situations so that compromise and progress can occur.

What are some goals you hope to accomplish while on the Board? I actually have quite a few goals I hope to accomplish in my time as President. One of the biggest is to implement the ideas our members have whenever feasible. I believe that as the umbrella association of the entire industry, INA should lead, expand, and support all the parts of our industry. There are times that this objective makes our job on the Board more complicated because it means that we are trying to meet the needs of both caregivers and businesses. However, the outcome is that our industry is stronger and that makes the time and energy we put into the association worth it.

Do you have a message you’d like to share INA members and the nanny industry community at large? Never underestimate the part you play in the industry or what part you can play in the INA. When I attended my first INA Conference I was excited to be learning and growing, but I was also a little overwhelmed. At the time, Facebook and social media was not a method used to communicate and I felt pretty lonely in my career. What I found at conference was an amazing group of people who understood me.

Being nominated to the Board in 2011 was a huge deal for me but at my first Board meeting, I was almost too frightened to speak at all. I was in awe of the leaders that came before me and a bit intimidated. What I realized over the years is that while those individuals were and are impressive, we wanted the same thing, for our industry to be honored in the way that it should be. That desire is all you really need to serve.


Since 1996, Marcia Hall has been working with children and families as a Certified Professional Nanny, graduating from the English Nanny and Governess School, is an International Nanny Association (INA) Credentialed Nanny and an ACPI Certified Coach for Families.  In 2011, she was named the INA’s NANNY OF THE YEAR.  She is an advocate for children in every area of her life having served as a children’s ministry director and a “Big Sister” with the Big Brothers and Big Sisters program.  Marcia and her husband Scott have also been foster parents in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Although Marcia’s full-time job currently is mommy to her three amazing children, she will forever be a nanny at heart. She launched Nanny Coaching Team because she wanted nannies to better understand their unique place within the family.  Marcia sees the Nanny Coaching Team as a place where all nannies can impart the wisdom they have gained to others within the industry.

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