INA Service Award Pin Application Deadline Approaching

Don’t miss out – application deadline is January 15, 2014!

The INA Service Award Pin program recognizes individuals who have been employed as a nanny, nanny educator or business owner (referral agency or industry service provider) for 5 or more years and are currently an INA member in good standing. INA Members must submit an application to receive this award.

  • The Harriette Grant Service Award Pin: This award pin, named in honor of Harriette Grant, reflects Harriette’s dedication to the nanny profession. Ms. Grant was a founding member of INA, a founding member of the Association of DC Area Nannies (ADCAN) and was selected as INA’s very first Nanny of the Year in 1990. Ms. Grant later went on to be a co-founder of the National Association of Nannies (NAN). This award is presented to nannies and other child caregivers.
  • The INA Service Award Pin:  This award is available nanny educators, referral agency owners (or their staff), and business owners (or their staff) who serve the in-home child care industry.

Spotlight on Previous INA Service Pin Recipients

Sandra Costantino: Nanny Agency Owner

Sandra Costantino is the executive director and co-owner of Neighborhood Nannies, Inc., a Haddonfield, New Jersey based leading nanny placement agency. Neighborhood Nannies was established in 1983 and was one of the first nanny agencies established on the East Coast. Sandy has been a guest on numerous TV and radio programs speaking out on issues concerning the nanny industry and its impact on the American family, in addition to representing the nanny industry in issues of regulation within the State of New Jersey.

Sandra is a founding member of INA and has been involved with the association since its inception. She is the only elected individual to serve continuously on the INA board of directors since 1985. Sandra has also served on the executive board of the association for many years and also serves as the unofficial INA historian. Sandra is an industry professional in the true sense of the word. She is focused and passionate about the nanny industry and is able to offer expertise to nannies in all levels of their careers. Sandra is sought after and respected by INA members because she is recognized for her commitment to professionalizing the nanny industry and helping to insure its’ success.

Praise for Sandra

I have known Sandy for 30 years. She is my partner and co-executive director of Neighborhood Nannies in Haddonfield, N.J., one of the original nanny agencies in the United States. We have been placing nannies together since 1983. Sandy is passionate about the nanny industry. She is a founding member of the INA and since that first meeting she has consistently shown her commitment to INA in everything she has done and continues to do. I would not be able to list the most important contribution Sandy has made to INA because she is always actively doing something.

Celia Sarajian, RN, BS, MA/Business Partner

Sandy has provided an invaluable resource to me, the community and to her clients everywhere. Her nannies are experts in their field. They are compassionate, trustworthy, experienced and the very best at what they do. Sandy can meet anyone’s needs, at any time. She is wonderful at matching nannies to families and their needs.

Ellen Zanolle / Friend, Neighbor and Client

I have worked with Sandy on collaboration and in competition. She is the quintessential professional, highly regarded in her community and in the industry. She deserves her pin…she’s been at this a very long time!!

Wendy Sachs / Colleague former INA President

Marni Kent: Nanny, former INA Nanny of the Year

When you’re a nanny, you never know what surprises each day will bring — like an impromptu biology lesson and stand-up comedy act.

A few years ago, nanny Marni Kent took fourth grader Sammy to the Hobby Lobby to pick up all the raw materials for her class project on the human ear: a paper mâché head, Silly Putty for the outer ear and pipe cleaners for the inner ear. During the girl’s presentation, she meticulously explained each part of the ear and how it contributes to processing sound and sending signals to the brain. With a deadpan delivery, the student later showed her classmates where the brain was located. It was represented by a pea — as in “pea brain” —a gag inspired by her brother.

“I was sitting with Sammy’s parents and siblings and the crowd went wild with laughter,” Marni says. “At that moment, I was so proud not only how she used all those big words, but that she had put so much work into this project and was able to entertain and explain this in front of a large crowd.”

It’s natural for nannies to experience parenting-like moments such as these. Although the public often assumes that a nanny is merely a full-time babysitter, the truth is that they are constantly switching roles as trusted guardian, teacher, and friend. “Some people see the career of a nanny as simply unchallenging, yet where else can one take credit in playing an integral part in the way a young person will become an adult amongst society?” “We get to mold the content of a child’s character face to face and see the results first hand.”

“I’ve learned that you can’t learn how to be a professional nanny from a book,” she adds. “Each family has a specific blueprint of needs and expectations. The nanny has to be able to morph into those needs, be flexible and accept different parenting styles, temperament and personalities. Child development is about playing and modeling, exploring the world around them. And a little praise means a lot to a child — it helps with building their independence and self-worth.”

“Children have such a profound effect on you whether you realize it or not,” she says. “When you get down on their level, you are forced to think and learn about patience. Your tone of voice can affect a child so greatly, and most importantly, children teach you how to be happier and more positive about yourself when you are the one who is supposed to be teaching them.”

Praise for Marni

Marni was the best employee anyone could ask for. She committed herself completely to her job. She was dependable, consistent, and always cheerful. She gave 110 % all of the time. She had an uncanny ability to stay highly professional while still being friendly and approachable. Marni deserves to be acknowledged for her outstanding work ethic and boundless energy. She was my role model and I will always respect and love her.

Terri Elfner / Past Employer

I met Marni 10 years ago, shortly after I became a nanny and she was the first person to make me realize that I could be a career nanny. She mentored me, walked me through my first conference and has supported me through all aspects of my career as a nanny. I’m proud to call Marni my friend and colleague.

Christy Ochs / Nanny and Friend

Kathy Webb: Owner, Nanny Payroll and Tax Service

Kathy co-founded HomeWork Solutions Inc. in 1993. The firm provides payroll and payroll tax compliance services to families nationwide. HomeWork Solutions partners with nannies and families by offering education and counsel regarding rights, responsibilities and obligations established via tax laws and regulations.  For 20 years, HWS has been a stalwart advocate of nannies and their families through deep technical expertise in the dynamic tax laws related to domestic workers, and by helping all parties navigate the complexities of the “nanny taxes.”

Kathy believes strongly that families and the nannies they employ have the greatest probability of a successful relationship when there is clear communication and an understanding of the norms and practices in the domestic service industry. She wants families to understand their responsibilities – for reference checking, background checking, and payroll tax compliance. She also wants nannies to be informed and strongly encourages written work agreements to establish the terms and conditions of employment.

She is also a very energetic and active leader in the nanny industry. She regularly speaks before industry groups including the INA, Nannypalooza, National Nanny Training Day and more. Kathy has authored a book and numerous articles, and is consulted frequently by national media on nanny industry issues and is a magna cum laude graduate of Boston College.  Kathy lives with her husband of more than 30 years in Northern Virginia. She is the proud mother of 3 young adults, and mother in law to 2 others, and “Grammy” to a little princess and a little man!

Praise for Kathy

Kathy has articulated and advocated for the professional treatment of nannies in terms of being paid legally. This includes taxation and wage and hour compliance, providing work agreements, pay for hours worked, and promoting many other standards to the working conditions of all domestic employees. She has accomplished this in a number of ways including via our company website, white papers, the bulletin board, and with presentations to parents, nannies, and industry professionals. For over 20 years Kathy has been recognized as subject matter expert by most national media outlets. Today’s professional nannies are savvy about legal and worksite rules, have access to standard work agreements, in no small part due to the efforts of people like Kathy and organizations like the INA. Kathy has been a main force behind introducing technology, especially Internet based systems and advertising to the industry.

Alan Heilbron / Business Partner

Kathy is a true industry leader who is always willing to share her knowledge, her wisdom, and her experience. She is always there giving back to nannies at every opportunity she can. She is an asset to our industry and I am honored to call her my friend.

Glenda Propst /Colleague and Friend

Daryl Camarillo: Nanny Agency Owner

Daryl Camarillo is the President and Founder of Stanford Park Nannies, a boutique, owner operated nanny agency recognized by Bay Area Parent Magazine readers as the “Best Nanny Agency” for five consecutive years. In 2013 her agency was named “Nanny Agency of the Year” by the Association of Premier Nanny Agencies (APNA). Throughout her 20 years as an agency owner, she has worked directly with clients and candidates providing the highest quality service; tailoring her efforts to establish solid, lasting matches. Personalized attention, thoroughness, concern for safety and strict adherence to ethical business practices are the corner- stones of her approach. Daryl is an active member APNA and is currently a member of the board. As a mother, a business owner, an employer and a community leader, Daryl has established herself as a respected contributor to the nanny placement industry and as a trusted resource to thousands of California families and nannies.

Praise for Daryl

Daryl has made many contributions to the nanny industry.  Most recently she has served as the President and Membership Chairperson for APNA. She brings a very high standard to this position as many nann y agencies don’t follow the law. Since you must submit your collateral to beco me a member of APNA, Daryl pre-screens agencies to make sure th ey comply with the law-before they become a member. When a nanny agency doesn’t follow the law, nannies suffer. Although Daryl is a competit or of my agency, she has the highest ethics and it is a pleasure to work with her on search for a client as well as know that she is honest and her word is gold. She is a genuinely one of the nicest , sincerest, smartest business women that I have met.

Denise Collins, Colleague

 Lisa Willis: Career Nanny

Lisa Willis found her calling for child care after she finished high school in 1998 and was waiting to enter technical college for CAD (computer aided drafting). Little did she know that the three children in her care would change the course of her life. After working for this family in Houston, she realized how rewarding this job was and the impact one person can have in a child’s life. She moved to North Carolina to follow another passion of hers in 2000. As a full-time minister in the Spanish field, she and her husband of seven years have helped countless people in their ministry. She also helps mothers with limited English find the needed resources for their children and helps them to educate themselves for better parenting. Lisa has cared for three families, eight children and has been employed as a nanny for 11 years. She is an INA credentialed nanny and considers herself a career nanny.

Praise for Lisa

Lisa became an important part of our family and was thought of as more than an employee. Lisa has a beautiful take on life and her morals are impeccable. She affected me and my children in a positive manner that cannot be quantified.

Derek Wright, Employer

She seamlessly took over with our children , so we were able to attend to our work and other responsibilities without needing to direct her, or worry about the children.

In addition to constant patience and doing a wonderful job with the children, she successfully weaved positive environmental messages into what she did, which we appreciated.

Carla Gannon , Employer

I have three children, who were in kindergarten, 3rd and 5th grade respect- fully. My previous nanny was not very good and had been with me for about five years. Within only a week of join ing our family, she wa s an instant hit. My oldest, a boy, was ADHD and quite introverted. She was just out of high school, but was great with him. By the time she left my employ he had completely bonded with her. In fact, he gave her his prize possession, a portable TV he had bought with his Christmas money, so she would have one in her new place. I never found another nanny as good as Lisa.

Karen Trapani, Employer


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