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The Benefits of Nanny and Newborn Specialist Care

Children thrive when they are well cared for by a nurturing and attentive childcare provider in the comfort of their own home. The one on one care and interaction that a nanny or newborn care specialists provide, gives children a deep sense of security and self worth. The consistent relation­ship that children have with their caregiver allows them to develop a meaningful bond with a caring adult that has the children’s best interests at heart.

Because the children are cared for in their own home, parents don’t have to rush to get everyone out of the house in the morning and off to daycare (which often leads to a chaotic and stressful start to the day for everyone), providing the ultimate in child care convenience.

Children cared for by nannies and ncs are also less likely to become sick because they aren’t exposed to the many germs that large groups of children bring into a traditional daycare environment. Unlike child care centers, nannies and ncs are often able to provide childcare for mildly ill children, therefore parents don’t have to rearrange their work schedules or find last minute backup care should their child become sick.

For parents with more than one child, nanny care can be cost effective. Unlike traditional daycare, parents don’t have to pay an additional fee for each child. Nannies are paid one rate to care for all the children in their employer’s family.

There are countless benefits to in-home childcare and if this fits your family, we encourage you to reach out to a local INA Member Placement Agency, Childcare Professional, or Newborn Care Specialist

Education and Resources

Monthly Webinars

The INA hosts webinars monthly that are open to the public for free (or a small fee). All the topics support the nanny industry and are a great way to learn something new or brush-up on some skills you already have. Find upcoming Webinars HERE.


INA Chapters are back. We have local Chapters across the globe that provide quarterly meetings with educational resources and networking built right in. Find upcoming chapter meetings HERE

Resource Library

The INA is building a digital library designed for your needs. Find what you need to help you further your career and find answers to your questions. Our Resource Library is still being built and we would welcome any thoughts on topics to add to it.  

YouTube Channel 

Many of our past Webinars, Chapter Meetings, and other educational events can be found on our YouTube Channel. Check it out and subscribe so you see when we post something new!

Nanny Employer Handbook

Use this free tool once you have hired your nanny or ncs. It has information on work agreements, fair pay, tax information, and so much more. This will be your go-to resource as a Nanny Employer.

INA Conference

Nanny Employers who recognize the value to their children and their child care provider’s continuing education, often send their nannies or ncs to our Annual Conference – or at very least support their extra paid time off to attend. Here are the top 5 reasons you should send your nanny or newborn care specialist to the INA Conference

  1. Education: Each INA Conference provides over 20 hours of child care focused workshops on topics ranging from support for a postnatal mom to discipline of teens and everything in between. We suggest you take a look at our workshop selection for this year and discuss which workshops you would like your nanny to attend.
  2. Experience: Traveling expands your nanny’s global perspective and ability to face the challenges of an ever interconnected world. Your nanny will then bring that wisdom back to your family.
  3. Recognition: Attending the INA Conference means that your nanny is eligible for awards like the Service Award Pin and the Nanny of the Year Award. Nannies who are recognized for their service are more likely to feel a sense of pride in their work and be fulfilled with their career.
  4. Credential Exam: Your nanny is also able to take the INA Nanny Credential Exam and become an INA Credentialed Nanny. Passing the INA Credential Exam will give you peace of mind that your nanny has a first class level of child care knowledge
  5. Connections: The caregivers who attend the INA Conference meet not only other like-minded professional nannies who can provide ideas and inspiration that will benefit your family but also prominent speakers and business owners who can provide insightful support.

Check out details on the next conference HERE.


Basic Skills Assessment 

The INA Nanny or NCS Basic Skills Assessment (BSA) helps assess basic child and infant care knowledge. The assessments are both 40 question, timed, and multiple-choice that are taken online. 

You can use this tool as you are evaluating candidates or ask the Placement Agency if they use this tool to evaluate the candidates they send to you. Purchase the Nanny or NCS Assessment on our Estore. Once purchased, you will receive an email with the link to take the assessment right away.  Find information about the assessment HERE.

Credential Exams for Nannies and NCS 

The Nanny and NCS Credential Exam tests a caregiver’s working knowledge of children, their developmental needs, and how to meet those needs in an in-home child care environment. It is taken online* with a virtual proctor. It has 100 multiple choice questions and you have 120 minutes to complete it. To take the exam you will need to provide the INA with proof of a valid and current CPR and First Aid Certification and a photo ID. 

Nanny Employers should ask candidates if they have taken this exam and if they have not, you can work with them to take the test. Knowing your caregiver has the experience and knowledge to pass this exam will give you peace of mind. 

You can purchase the exam on our Estore and will receive further details on your next steps once you purchase. Find information about the exam HERE

Job Board

INA Nanny Employer Members are able to post their childcare jobs on our Job Board. Your available position will not only appear on the INA Website but they will also be posted within 48 hours to our INA Facebook Job Board page which is seen by thousands of caregivers all over the world.

Industry Standards

INA Recommended Practices for Nannies, Support Groups, and More 

The INA has worked to bring standards to the nanny industry for over 35 years and the Board will continue to work to support the whole industry. You can find the full list of Recommended Practices HERE but be sure to check out the Nanny Recommended Practices and the Support Group Recommended Practices today. 

Childcare Definitions 

There are a variety of terms for people who work in the home. The INA has compiled the industry standards. Click the topic to see the definition. 


Nannies Rights

While each country of employment has its own labor rights, we at the INA believe that nanny rights are basic rights. 

Mandatory Reporting 

As professional childcare providers, in the US, Nannies are mandated reporters of suspected child abuse. While each country is different, we believe that nannies across the globe have a n obligation to protect not just the children in their care but any children they come in contact with. To learn more about what this means and support to report suspected child abuse, find details HERE

Nanny Taxes 

Nannies often have questions about nanny taxes, the employers responsibility vrs the employees, and what is the correct way to manage it all. Each country has different laws pertaining to how to manage these details. We have compiled some facts for those in the US and resources to go to for those outside the US facing these questions. If you have further questions, we recommend that you discuss your particular situation with a qualified, reputable professional. Several well known household payroll services are INA members, and you may also consider using your accountant or attorney as a resource.

Surveillance Cameras 

Surveillance devices are very common in many places of employment. The International Nanny Association (INA) offers guidelines regarding cameras for supervisory purposes that can be found HERE.

Salary Survey 

Every few years the INA sponsors a survey to provide credible salary and benefit information about in-home child care professionals. It highlights the effects of training and experience on salary and benefits and monitors salary and benefit changes over time. Find the latest survey results as well as past surveys HERE

Global Affairs 

The INA encourages you to be aware of any propositions or pending legislation that may have an effect on the in-home child care industry. Please notify the INA Global Affairs Committee of any such action in your own state or country, so that our membership may help direct and educate the legislators who are involved. INA must be a proactive association and we value your input.

Check out the latest legislative developments HERE.

Awards and Honors

Service Award Pin

The INA strives to recognize all nannies, and all in-home childcare professionals for their dedication to their career. The INA Service Award Pin Program was founded to do just that. You can apply for the Service Award Pin in 5 year increments. Those pin recipients who are present at the Annual Conference will be recognized for their service, however, you are not required to attend the conference to receive your pin. Find the full details HERE.

Nanny of the Year™ – NOTY™  

The NOTY™ award is presented annually by the INA to recognize the personal achievements of a working nanny who represents a positive role model for our industry and association. 

To become the next NOTY, you must have been working full time in the industry for at least 5 years, be a current INA member, be nominated by someone other than yourself, and be willing to perform specific duties during your time as the current NOTY. Attendance at the annual conference is no longer required but you will be asked to help us create a video to introduce you to our audience. Find the full details as well as past NOTY recipients HERE

Member Specific Resources

INA Membership Flyer 

We believe there is strength in numbers and that together, we can make a difference. As an INA member, you’re partnering with us to professionalize our industry, to promote quality in-home child care, to increase awareness about the nanny profession, and to educate parents about the benefits of hiring a qualified nanny to care for their children. Encourage others to join by sharing this Membership Flyer with them so they can see all the benefits of INA membership too. 

INA Member Facebook Group 

The INA Membership Facebook Group is a highly professional social media forum where only INA Members, of all categories, can interact. Being a part of this group adds value to the INA membership through group discussions and other exclusive communication.


In addition to discounts on products like the Credential Exam, Basic Skills Assessment, and Annual Conference, INA Members can also receive special offers from other companies that value what the INA stands for. Check out a list of our current Member Advantage Providers. Members can find details and directions on how to take advantage of these discounts by login into their member portal and clicking “Member Benefits” on the navigation bar.

Serve the industry through INA Volunteering

Do you want to feel more involved in the INA, get to know other professionals and help our association? You should volunteer on a committee! We’d love for you to connect with us, tell us your individual skills and availability. Then, we will plug you in on a committee that fits! You can find a list of our Committees HERE. Reach out to the INA Office today and we will put you in touch with a committee chair that needs help.

Become a Board of Directors Member 

Do you have ideas that will help strengthen and grow the industry? Do you want to help unite the nanny community? Do you like to see things get done? Then consider nomination to the INA Board of Directors. All those who have been members for at least 1 year are qualified to be nominated. Nominations are held in November and December for the following fiscal year (August – July) Find the full details on what qualifications the Nominations Committee is looking for and what the process looks like HERE.