2021 Board Nominee Highlight: Marcia Sims

Voting for our 2021 – 2023 INA Board of Directors will begin on April 6, 2021, and before our Members vote, we would like you to get to know them. Today we are getting to know Marcia Sims. 

Marcia Sims: Marcia Sims has a heart and drive for advocacy. She is not blind to the challenges that many working as nannies are not motivated to provide good care or interested in learning. She believes we need to find ways to make a distinction in this area so parents can make an informed viable decision about who to hire. She also believes we need to provide equity and access for those with limited English skills or income to afford learning.  While easy to translate learning or making it available online to  access whenever and wherever possible, if a nanny does not have the equipment or skills to access and learn, we need to give back and provide these opportunities for them. Marcia is someone who believes in building bridges to close these gaps. The nanny industry unfortunately is fragmented and invisible to the larger childcare community. The INA has an opportunity and obligation as the umbrella organization of the industry to collaborate with other national organizations, such as the NDWA or NAEYC to share resources, ideas and information


When completing their application, they provided us with the following information. 

Q: Have ever served on an INA Committee or supported the INA through any type of service?

A: I have presented a program I helped put together with TIFFAN at a workshop alongside INA members who also presented.


Q: What Skills do you feel you possess that would help serve the INA?

A: writing, networking skills, analytics.


Q: What committees are you interested in being involved with?

A: Conference Workshops, Conference Experience, Accreditation Development, Diversity, Caregiver Mentor, Nanny of the Year


Q: What do you feel is the most important contribution you can make to the INA Board of Directors?

A: My level of experience that I have established over the last 16+ years working as a nanny and working for high networth families has opened up many doors to my growth. Being a first generation latina who’s mom is also a nanny, my perspective and drive to see positive change in the industry is one I actively put into practice by refining my knowledge by attending workshops to stay current on emerging trends and philosophies.


Q: Why do you want to be on the INA Board of Directors?

A: Being on the INA board of directors will allow me to have a platform and a team where many of us with the same cause can work together to revolutionize and prepare many steps in advance. We are better together and having a solid team can be groundbreaking. I am responsible, love what I do, and would be honored to be afforded the opportunity to serve on the INA board of directors.


Advocacy for immigrant women has been the center of my professional life. I have been fortunate to learn from my mother’s nanny experience how important this work is in the lives of the children she has cared for and the deep personal benefit she received caring for them.  At the same time, I learned about the recognition and support she deserved providing excellent care. I bring this to my career with the intent to give nannies the support, direction and knowledge they need to elevate their work.

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