As the vaccines for COVID-19 roll out around the world, many nannies and domestic childcare workers in the industry are finding it challenging to know when they will be eligible to receive the vaccine.  While every country, state/province, county, or city will be different, we want to be a supportive partner in sharing information for those of you who want the vaccine. If you have lingering questions about the vaccine, don’t forget we are having a special webinar tonight – Wednesday, January 13th at 9 PM EST, where Dr. Ahrens- Nicklas, MD, PhD will be answering your questions. This is a free webinar but you must be registered. Because we are unable to record this webinar, we hope you can join us live. The COVID Vaccines- Answers to Your Questions!


We have just published a Press Release stating that Nannies are Essential Workers and therefore, we believe that nannies in the US should be eligible for the vaccine in Phase 1B. This is based on the US Department of Labor Statistics which states that nannies are childcare providers and the recommendations of the CDC, which state that child care providers are essential employees. We encourage you to use this information as you need it and share it with your networks. 

Furthermore, there are some places that are requiring proof that the nanny is in a professional organization. Those of you that are current members of the INA can follow these steps to access your Membership Certificate and use it as proof if needed. 

  • Go to and click “log in” at the top right side of the screen. 
  • Enter your login information (email for help with this.)
  • Once in, go to “My Account” and then “Membership”. 
  • You will see a green “Print” button. Click this to either print it to a printer or save it as PDF. 

Finally, we know that in some places, they are requiring a letter signed by your employers that states you are their employee and an essential part of their home. Asking your employer for this can be difficult. We have a few talking points to help you prepare, as well as a template (see template below) that you can edit and use if this is needed. 

  • Plan what you want to say. Some people find it helpful to write down what they want to say and others prefer to rehearse what they will say. Either way, it is important to have a plan. 
  • Be direct and specific. It is really easy to have a simple conversation devolve into a debate. In this situation, with all the opinions about the Vaccine, this is even more important. Say something like “I want to get the Covid Vaccine, but in order to qualify for it right now, I need you to sign this document saying that I am your nanny.”
  • Make helping you easy. Come prepared with everything they will need to be able to help you. In this case, having the document (see template below) you need signed ready for them to read over and fill out and or sign will be a great deal of help. They likely won’t know any more than you do, and if you have something they can sign, it is a simple solution for them to complete the task. 
  • Thank them for the time they took to help you. 

[Employer’s Name]

[Employer’s Email]


To Whom It May Concern:


[Nanny’s Name] is employed as a nanny in my home for [number of hours worked per week]

hours a week. [Nanny’s Name] is an essential part of our family bringing stability to our children 

during this difficult time. Just as other essential workers, [Nanny’s Name] has taken on 

extra responsibilities in order for us to get through this pandemic. 



[Nanny Employer’s Name]


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