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Nanny Agency: Moneyless Marketing

Rosalind Prather from Trusting Connections, Tucson AZ gave us some valuable advice in her information jammed agency track workshop on ‘Moneyless Marketing’ at the International Nanny Association’s 29th Annual Conference, March 29, 2014 in Los Angeles.

All nanny agency owners want to grow their business but often waste thousands of dollars on ineffective marketing products and programs. Rosalind Prather, who owns and operates her own nanny agency in Tucson, discussed strategies to help other nanny agencies to create a strategic marketing plan that combines cost-effective and innovative marketing ideas with proven PR and grassroots marketing strategies so you can attract both customers and nannies.

Topics include the best marketing “bang for your buck,” boosting your SEO, capturing a social media audience, garnering referrals, online advertising, creating an effective website and more. We will also discuss ways to track ROI (return on investment) so you measure your success.

Rosalind’s grassroots marketing approach walked us through several steps that consisted of using our existing resources to spread the word about our services and how to market an agency or service on a local and personal level.  She encouraged us to focus on speaking engagements, networking, word of mouth, public service announcements, discount programs, PR power and to stay laser focused on getting the biggest marketing bang for your buck. She shared priceless advice and tips on ways to market our brands through Google ads (think LOCAL), SEO (search engine optimization), press releases, strategic partnerships, social media and referral programs and events.

And lastly, Rosalind  gave us her top 10 sales rules which included always answering your phones, analyzing results on a regular basis, making a memorable 1st impression and finally sharing ideas to up-sell and always keep the client wanting and buying more.

Rosalind’s workshop was very highly rated by conference attendees. One review stated “this one workshop was worth the conference fee, airfare and hotel cost alone! Absolutely relevant to my agency today!

The International Nanny Association’s 30th Annual Conference will be in beautiful Cancun Mexico in April 2015. Watch the INA Daily Brief for the announcement!

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A special thank you to INA 2013 NOTY Joanne Barrows for contributing this workshop review.

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