Practical Ways to Find Joy in Your Career

INA Blog Practical Ways to Find Joy in Your Career (1)Most of us spend a big portion of our lives at work. If you’re investing 20, 30, 40, or even more hours of your week in a job, it’s important to feel fulfilled. If you don’t have some sense of joy as you head to work day in and day out, chances are, your overall morale will start to feel low. 

Finding joy at work will help you be more productive, aid in meeting goals, and can generally just make you a better person to be around. 

So how do you tap into that sense of joy? Here are some practical ways to find joy in your career.

Find purpose.
Each person has a purpose in the world and knowing what special gifts set you apart is valuable, both in life and in your career. So, take some time to evaluate what your purpose is, and see if that aligns with your current work. As you consider these things, determine how you can align your passion and values with your purpose, and take that into your daily work. Remember your ‘why’: it gives you a special mission in life.

Give back to others.
What ways can you help others or give to those around you in your workplace? Maybe it’s training a new employee, or it’s engaging in random acts of kindness around the office or in the home you work in. This creates a more cooperative, trusting, and harmonious work environment, which may have a positive impact on your joy, as well as those around you, too. Putting others before yourself can truly improve your health and happiness.  

Be a continuous learner.
When we get stagnant in our work or in our lives, it’s easy to feel bogged down, weary, and unmotivated. So, try to be a continuous learner. Learn new skills by taking an online course, working with a life coach or mentor, or spending time reading books or articles in your industry. Keeping your brain active and engaged can keep your career or job duties fresh and can also help you advance your career, too.

Put perfection to the wayside.
No matter how good you are at your job, it’s important to realize that you’re not perfect. So, let go of perfection and embrace that some things are out of your control. Be flexible and willing to adjust to change as best as you can. Not holding yourself to an unattainable perfection standard will give you the kind of deep peace that leads to joy.

Surround yourself with people that build you up.
Joy is contagious, so find people in your job – and outside of it – that support you, build you up, and bring joy to your life. Get to know the people on your team at work and try to find common ground. That way, when things get stressful or difficult on or off the job, you know that you have people that are there for you and that can bring joy back into your heart and life.

Practice gratitude.
No job is without flaws, but if you practice gratitude for your work, your paycheck, and for the physical ability to work and earn money, your mindset shifts. Embrace challenges as a learning opportunity to better yourself and to think creatively to find solutions. If you train your mind to be thankful – even when tasks might be monotonous or difficult at work – you welcome more joy and blessings into your routines.

Deriving happiness and joy from work is possible. Once you know how to find it, you’ll be better able to contribute to the world and feel a sense of accomplishment for a job well done.


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