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Taking Action to Make a Career Change

INA Blog Taking Action to Make a Career Change 1The last two years have put many things into perspective for people. For many, they have recognized that they are not in the right career and that it is time to make a change. Career changes happen for a multitude of reasons, but when they do, it can feel scary to take action to make the leap. Here, we’ll talk about how you can take the right steps in making a successful career change. 

#1: Consider your current job.
Look closely at your current job and how you feel about it. Are there recurring events or situations that make you feel stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious? Maybe there are duties about your job that you don’t feel qualified for, or you’re in a role that you know is not a strength. Ask yourself what it is about your current job that you like or don’t like and try to determine the top three or four things that are making you the most dissatisfied.

#2: Take inventory.
Take some time to do inventory of what your skills, values, experience, and interests are. Make a list and rank what is most important to you in a career. Consider times that you have been successful in a job, volunteer role, internship, or something else that allowed you to use a specific skill or talent. Doing this can help guide you into your next career path.

#3: Make an action plan.
If you want to completely change industries, you will need to make an action plan. Sometimes, this includes investing in some time, education, or training to get you up to speed on certifications or other qualifications that will help you land your next role. In addition to this, make a plan to start networking, either by joining online groups that get you in touch with other professionals in your desired field, or by attending networking events. Write down what steps you want to take to move toward your new career and set a timeline on when you want to complete your outlined goals.

#4: Track your progress.
It can be easy to feel overwhelmed as you make steps in your career-change action plan. So, make a spreadsheet or a goal list that allows you to check off or log milestones that you’re making along the way. If you can see that you are making progress on the items you have deemed most important, you will feel a greater sense of accomplishment.

Taking action to make a career change that benefits you and your lifestyle is important! Making an action plan that gives you the tools you need to leap to your new career will help empower you when it comes time to start applying for jobs.


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  1. Thankyou INA,I got much satisfaction to read these action plans.I have been working in the education field for last 20 years and During Covid period my business went down.I thought a lot and put my efforts to medical field in which I am graduate.I joined hand with you .I learnt a lot ,My knowledge multiplied,I got full support from you.
    By reading this topic I reached at the point that I have done it just by chance.Now I am happy that I did well.I am very confident .I always be thankful for your guidance.My best Regards to you.Thankyou.

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