Nannies, NCS, and agency owners can help new moms and dads by offering helpful resources and non-judgmental support. For every new mom and mom-to-be: The Dr. Shosh Wellness Plan contains seven essential pieces.

  1. Throw out the myths and fantasies of motherhood (my needs shouldn’t matter anymore, taking care of a baby is easy for good moms, I should be able to do this all myself, etc.)
  2. If you have a partner, discuss your wishes and expectations together, preferably before the baby comes.  Never assume, for instance, how the other one feels (about what the baby should eat, where it will sleep, who is on duty at nighttime, and so on.)
  3. Protect your brain chemistry (including excellent proteins, complex carbs, omega-3 fish oil, vitamin D3, and folate.)
  4. Get a few hours of uninterrupted nighttime sleep (even a breastfeeding mother can do this with the right plan).
  5. Exercise a few minutes per day for endorphins and oxygenating the brain — nothing strenuous until you’re sleeping well, or else it can backfire.
  6. Line up emotional support with friends, family members, and support groups.
  7. Schedule physical support on a regular basis – someone to clean your home, watch your child/ren so you can nurture yourself.

If you are suffering from PPD or believe you’re at risk:

  1. Arrange professional support by finding a psychotherapist who specializes in PPD.  Don’t settle for someone just because she’s covered by your insurance.  Get the right help so you can feel like yourself as soon as possible.
  2. If you are suffering from PPD or believe you are at risk, consult with a healthcare practitioner (specialist) about treatment options.

The smartest and strongest step a suffering mommy can take for her family is to find help as soon as possible — just as she would for any other potentially serious condition. With proper help you should expect a complete recovery and be able to enjoy your happy life! Contact me through for more information and resources.  


Dr. Shoshanah Bennett will be presenting Dark Side of the Moon: The Full Reality of Postpartum Depression and Anxiety at the 2016 INA Annual Conference.  

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