Tips and Resources on How to Write a Resume for a Nanny Job


While many families employ nannies, securing a good position can be a challenge. You’re asking to care for someone’s children, which is something every family takes very seriously. You need to come across as the most honest, trustworthy, and reliable candidate if you’re going to ask to be left alone with someone’s child. However, in the midst of all the responsibility, you also need to be able to exhibit warmth, playfulness, and a joy in being around children. It’s no easy feat to fit all of these demanding characteristics into one resume, however, it’s absolutely necessary if you want to stand out from the crowd and have your choice of families with whom to work. The following tips help to ensure that your resume is perfect when you apply for a nanny job.

Focus on your Experience

Nobody wants to leave their children with someone who has no idea what they’re doing, so along with your contact details, you should include all of the experience you have. Stephanie Johnson, a resume editor from CV Writing reinforces this, saying ‘don’t break down initial positions to start with, make sure that you give your total number of years’ experience to appear as qualified as possible and prepared for the job.’ You can then break down your experience into individual roles that you’ve held and then explain why you were in certain positions in the long and short term. You can also explain what you learned from each experience and how you can implement that in your new job.

Include Any Courses and Certifications You Have

While it’s fairly standard to include a subsection entitled education and list your college and high school classes, many people overlook vocational training they’ve undergone. If you’ve had any tests, short courses, or online classes to do with nannying, then they are absolutely relevant and should be clearly shown on your CV. These extra classes and qualifications can really show your dedication and set you apart from the crowd.

Edit and Proofread Thoroughly

Nannies need to have an eye for detail with their littles and their surroundings,  you can demonstrate this in the presentation of your resume.  Making sure you properly edit and proofread your resume is essential, and there are some amazing online tools to make sure yours is flawless. If you want someone professional to put together a perfect resume, then you may want to consider a company like  Resumention. However, if you’re pretty confident in what you’ve written yourself and it’s just a matter of perfecting what you’ve got, then Boom Essays or EssayRoo Custom Essay Writing could be the best place to go. You should also definitely keep an eye on the specifications of your application, and make sure you meet all of the basic criteria like word count with tools such as Easy Word Count.

Formatting And Spacing

Your entire resume should be in a single-spaced format, be sure to include blank spaces between sections for easy readability. Also, it would be best if you fit the resume on one page. Don’t use funny and unusual fonts, regular Arial, Calibri and Times New Roman fonts are probably best for a professional looking resume.

Show How You’re a Good Example to Kids

Most parents are looking for a  nanny that can help their kids out with homework and school assignments, which means that your spelling and grammar need to be flawless on your resume. You can make sure that you haven’t made any silly mistakes that could cost you the job by checking out the guides on Paper Fellows or Academized.

Show You’re Multidimensional

Highlighting your hobbies and outside interests makes you a much more appealing candidate as it shows you’ll be able to improve the lives of the children you’re taking care of in a holistic way. Helping with all of their developmental milestones is essential.

Getting good nanny jobs is tough, however, following the tips listed above, you’re sure to find your dream placement in no time.

Mary Walton is an editor at Health and Medicine Assignment Help. Also, she loves helping students managing college life and writes useful educational guides for Do My Homework website. Mary started her educational blog, Simple Grad, not so long ago, read one of her latest posts – Review there.

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