Tips to Encourage More Recognition for Your Hard Work

INA Blog Tips to Encourage More Recognition for Your Hard Work (1)We spend a lot of our lives at work and most professionals want to know if they are doing a good job. Are you meeting your employer’s expectations? Are there things that you need to work on? Are there ways you can level up your skills to be an even greater asset? If you want to gain recognition for your hard work, it is important to initiate feedback from your manager and/or coworkers. Here are some ways to receive recognition and in turn, be motivated to continue to be confident in your work and abilities.

Communicate with your employer.
Regular discussions with your manager or boss – formal or informal – are important. Here, you can discuss your specific job duties, tasks, or projects, and make sure you are meeting or exceeding expectations. It also allows you to talk through your processes and gain valuable insight on your specific position, the company’s future direction, and your role in it. 

Be intentional about building relationships.
If you have coworkers or other people around you in the workplace, make time to get to know them. Building relationships with these people helps foster a team environment. It also helps others have a greater understanding of the work you do and how you contribute. Through relationships, you’re more likely to be recognized for your efforts and it will also give you the opportunity to observe and learn from others. Being open to learning and improving your own skills makes you an even greater asset that will gain more responsibility and recognition over time.

Don’t shy away from old-fashioned hard work.
If you do your job well, you’ll likely find that it’s easier to get positive feedback. If there are things that you know you need to work on, own those and take active steps to make changes. Roll up your sleeves, work hard, step in to help others if needed, and treat people with respect. A little old-fashioned hard work will go a long way in gaining recognition in the workplace.

Be humble and take time to recognize others.
Humility is an essential quality to have as a good employee. So, if you want to be recognized, show recognition to others. Compliment a coworker if you see them going above and beyond. Thank the people that help you. By recognizing others, you’re modeling behavior that you want others to show back to you.

And last, be gracious to yourself and recognize when you do a good job. Maybe you put in extra time on a project, you worked a long day on a difficult task, or you spent time outside of work on a class or completing a certification course that will enhance your job skills. Whether it’s a big accomplishment, or you’re making progress on a larger professional goal, it’s okay to pat yourself on the back. Doing so can motivate you to continue to keep up the hard work and achieve what is laid out before you.


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