To the Nanny Community from the INA Board of Directors

The Board of the INA would like to take a moment in this time of self reflection to share a few thoughts. The INA was founded by a group of dedicated people who wanted to elevate and advocate for nannies, the nanny profession, agencies, educators, and the entire industry. Their passion for this industry can not be understated.

However, the INA is an institution, made up not only of passionate people, but of policies and procedures, of actions and inactions, of intentions and of unintentional consequences. The INA has grown thru the years and has been perceived by some as an organization with some bias and exclusion. We apologize for this perception.

Like much of America, we are working to acknowledge the intentional and unintentional bias and to move forward towards a new day. We want to be very intentional and public in saying that the INA was founded and will continue to grow in the direction of including ALL members of the nanny community.

We are committed to being an umbrella organization that covers all. We are taking action in this regard with a new Diversity Committee as well as other measures to ensure our future is welcoming to everyone. We need you. We are an organization made up of members. If we want our organization to be multicultural, welcoming and truly inclusive, then we need members who are of all races and ethnicities, who come from all over the world.

If we want a strong and vibrant community, now is the time for us to come together with common goals. If we want to face the challenges of the future, we need for the nanny community to band together and be a part of the change we wish to see. Join us now, when we need each other the most. Be a part of a new day. We are very happy to meet you.

INA Board of Directors

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