When the INA Board adopted “Unity” as one of our official goals in 2019, we were thinking of ways to bring the nanny community together. We wanted to reach those nannies, NCS’s and businesses that we were not currently serving well, and heal real and perceived wounds between and within these groups. Then Coronavirus hit the world and all of us were affected in ways we never could have imagined.

Initially, it was all about whether we should cancel our annual conference or not.  As big a deal as that was, fighting to cancel signed contracts with venues and refunding huge amounts of money, it all seems almost trivial to me now. All the lost sleep over lawyers and budgets and contracts pale when compared to the reality of nannies, NCS’s and businesses losing their jobs, their income, and, in too many cases, their lives or the lives of loved ones.

If ever there was a need for a call to Unity it is now. I say this not just as Co-President of the INA, but as a nanny, a wife, a mom, and a person of this planet. We are proud of everyone around the world who is doing their part to fight this virus, heal the sick, and keep the rest of us going. We acknowledge and honor all the wonderful things going on in the nanny community and we want to highlight and support your efforts, whether you are INA members or not.

Now is the time for all of us to work together. Several INA members have created amazing resources during this time including free education, storytimes, lists of available resources, and even offers of financial support. In addition, the INA has several webinars in the works to provide additional education and assistance in areas where we see a need. We aim to highlight all the good things that everyone is doing, and will happily put links to your efforts on our COVID-19 Resource page.  Please send your links to memberservices@nanny.org with a brief description of what it is. We want to help you support the greater nanny community.

If there is a need that you feel isn’t being addressed, please let us know. We will do our best to do what we can during this unprecedented time.  Unity is not just a word for me, it’s a true value that I carry in my heart, now more than ever. Let me close by saying that I genuinely grieve for those who are out of work, are sick, or who have lost loved ones.  There is no Zoom meeting or webinar that can heal that pain, but please know that I and so many others genuinely care. We will get through this together.


Wishing all safety and health.

Laura Schroeder
Co-President INA


TLDR: During this uncertain time, it is imperative that we lean on each other now more than ever. The INA is committed to highlighting all resources that will benefit the nanny community, regardless of affiliation. Please send links to memberservices@nanny.org.

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