Ways to Practice Contentment at Work

INA Blog Ways to Practice Contentment at Work 3How often do you feel like quitting your job? Do you think regularly about how a new job might make you happier? Do you feel completely unsatisfied by the type of work you’re doing or the environment you work in? There have been multiple studies that have been done that correlate happiness to greater productivity in the workplace. Unfortunately, sometimes our attitudes and discontentment get in the way and that can bring down our work days significantly. Here are some ways to practice contentment at work so you can experience greater happiness and productivity.

#1: Focus on what makes you happy at work.  

Having a happy outlook is the first step to completing anything successfully. Going to your job day after day as a robot, then coming home to sulk in front of the television is not the way to live a happy, fulfilled life. So, find ways to make yourself happy while you complete your daily tasks at work. For example, if you know you have done a good job on a project or tasks, give yourself a reward if your team leader or boss doesn’t.

#2: Be aware of your thoughts.

Our thoughts can really get in the way of being content and grateful for what we have. Being content at work means avoiding negative contemplations, staying away from workplace gossip and drama, and doing your best to pass judgement on others. When you focus your thoughts and actions on positivity and doing your job to the best of your ability, you can’t water the seed of discontentment as well. Negativity will just suck your energy and make you feel less content and less satisfied about your work.

#3: Do work that brings you purpose.

Finding purpose in your work is an important part of being content. For some people, their current work is not feeding their purpose and it may be time to make a shift in careers. What kind of work fuels you personally, mentally, and emotionally? What type of work would leave you feeling fulfilled rather than drained? Ask yourself these questions.

#4: Make simple changes.

Sometimes changing small things at work can have a big impact on your overall contentment. For example, declutter your work area. Cluttered desks can cause your brain to feel cluttered and foggy! Clear your space and clear your head, which will pave the way for happier, more contented thoughts. Another thing you can do is focus on doing kind things around your work. Simple acts of kindness and expressions of gratitude for other colleagues will not only help you better connect to your job and the company, but it will also help you feel better about who you are, too.

With the amount of time that you spend at work, it is important to do what you can to cultivate a content mindset. Ultimately, focusing on making yourself a happier, more contented employee can open the doorway to a happier, more contented life.

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