Why It’s Important to Map Out a Vision for Your Career

INA Blog Why It's Important to Map Out a Vision for Your Career (1)Whether you’re just starting out in your professional career, or you are a veteran in your industry, it’s important to map out a vision for your career. Here are some ideas on how to develop a vision for your career and then make steps to reach the goals you lay out.

Start at the drawing board with a blank sheet of paper. Think of all of the ideas you have for your career. Do you want to move up the ladder into leadership or managerial roles? Do you see yourself taking on new duties or responsibilities? Or maybe you foresee shifting careers completely. What does that look like in your head? Write it out in detail.

Read, research, and learn.
Once you’ve determined what your big career goals are and have a better idea of what your vision is for your professional life, start reading, researching, and learning about the industry or specific role you want to work in. Listen to podcasts, read books, or enroll in business classes, complete certifications, or industry-related courses. Once you expand your mind and training, your career vision will become even more clear. In addition, you become a more well-rounded, experienced person and employee that could be desirable for hiring.

Make a plan.
You are a unique individual with a unique story, distinct talents, and experiences. So, when you craft your plan, keep in mind that it should be unique to you. No one else should dictate your life’s plan or journey – it’s completely up to you to see that vision and walk it out. So, take some time to put a roadmap together and when you start working your way through it, remember that there may be detours or adjustments along the way. It’s up to you to make the best out of those junctures and figure out how they help you in your career path.

Do meaningful work.
We hear it a lot: do what you love. It really is true, though. Finding a career that you love and gives you meaning is incredibly important and having a clear vision about what that is will help you stay motivated to make progress in achieving success.  

Learn when to say ‘yes’ and when to say ‘no’.
Career burnout or fatigue is very real. Often, it stems from taking on too many things, or doing things that left you unfulfilled. So, as you walk out your vision, learn how to say ‘yes’ to things that help keep you moving toward your goal, and ‘no’ to things that will hold you back.  

A career vision is an invaluable way to keep you break free from burnout, progress toward your goals, and get you exactly where you want to be. 

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