2021 INA Meritorious Service Award


Congratulations to our 2021 INA Meritorious Service Award Recipient, Cate Matijevich

Cate Matijevich from Chicago, Illinois has been in the private service industry for more than 15 years. Being a nanny and managing principal’s homes is her passion and brings her the utmost joy in life. She is a dedicated professional, and has a heart for providing the highest caliber of service, which is shown through her work ethic both personally and professionally. Cate is an avid learner always seeking the best solutions for the children and their families. As a result of her studies and experience, she has developed innovative applications in the areas of health, wellness and communication, organization, and emotional control. 

Cate enjoys staying current with childrearing trends and ongoing professional development training. She actively participates in events that support the nanny and private service industry, including traveling around the globe for conferences and to support groups she is a member of. 

Cate has planned several interNational Nanny Training Day events, is the Director of the Estate Management Affiliates networking group, Co-admins a local nanny social media group, and is currently studying Hospitality to further her industry knowledge. Cate also played a key role in founding and developing the International Nanny Association’s Ambassador Program, which has successfully grown over the last several years, and is now responsible for the return of INA chapter meetings, which the Ambassador Team Members lead. Her desire to strengthen and grow international industry relationships is a proud goal.

Thank you to GTM Payroll Services for Sponsoring the 2021 Meritorious Service Award.

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