2021 Service Award Pin Recipients

The INA Service Award Pin is presented to nannies, ncs, educators, placement agency owners, other industry businesses and their staff who serve the in-home child care industry.

The Service Award Pin program originated within the National Association of Nannies (NAN) in 1995. It was brought to the INA in 2010 by the dedication of many former NAN members with the same goal of recognizing those within the in-home child care industry for their hard work, dedication, and commitment to professional excellence. The INA greatly appreciates the dedication and generosity of these individuals.

Thank you to Gentle Giraffe Newborns for your sponsorship of the 2021 Service Award Pin. We are excited to introduce you to our First Round 2021 Service Pin Award recipients. 

5 year recipient

Danielle Taylor: 

Danielle is a full-time nanny in Seattle, WA. She has been nannying for five years and is a proud member of the International Nanny Association, the US Nanny Association, and the Positive Discipline Association. Prior to discovering her passion for nannying, Danielle earned Bachelor’s degrees in both Psychology and Elementary Education. She taught preschool, kindergarten, and second grade before finding her first full-time nanny position and falling in love with the career. Danielle adores working with children and believes in always treating children kindly and with respect. She is passionate about baby sign language, RIE, and particularly loves the childrearing philosophy of Positive Discipline. Danielle enjoys working closely and cooperatively with parents to raise children who are confident enough to advocate for their own needs while still being empathetic to others. 

Danielle is a voracious learner who delights in professional development and continuing education opportunities. She has completed training on Conscious Discipline, Attachment Theory, homeschooling, sleep training, and she is a certified passenger safety technician, certified Positive Discipline parent educator, and keeps current with first-aid and CPR certifications.  

When Danielle isn’t working, you can find her reading or crafting with her husband and two cats.


10 year recipient

Sara McAllister:

Sara is a Newborn Care Specialist (ICNCS, CLC) and the owner of Welcome Home Baby, LLC, based in Southern California. Sara discovered her passion for childcare after volunteering in various infant programs and orphanages in Peru and Kenya. 

Prior to launching her NCS career, Sara was a full-time nanny and household assistant from 2009-2016. During that time, she co-founded the Orange County Nanny Network and actively participated in both local and national nanny events and organizations. In recent years, Sara has been invited to speak at multiple National Nanny Training Day events, Nanny Care Hub virtual parent training, as well as at the national Nannypalooza conference. 

As an NCS, Sara believes in helping parents form the building blocks that support healthy sleep habits from birth and establishing a routine around the needs of baby and family. Specializing in the care of multiples and travel positions, Sara has a passion for supporting new parents during the first 3-6 months of their parenting journey. Welcome Home Baby serves families nationwide and Sara continues to be actively involved in both local and international childcare organizations and training opportunities. 


15 year recipient

Cynthia Crovetto:

Cynthia is a career Nanny and Child Care Specialist in New York City, working with children and families for fifteen years. Cynthia loves furthering her education by attending different workshops, nanny conferences, and taking Early Childhood courses during her spare time. She is a certified First Aid, CPR, and AED Professional Nanny and Newborn Care Specialist and has obtained many more certifications on childcare development, to name just a few. 

Families have frequently recognized Cynthia for treating the children under her care as if they were her own. She has worked and continues to work with some extraordinary families and is always respected and appreciated as their child’s nanny. The families she has and continues to work with sees her as their partner and a family member. She has excellent and verifiable references from several NYC families.

Cynthia is a leader and advocate in the nanny industry and has been involved in different projects that offer support and networking for the Latino nannies in the New York City area. She is always willing to collaborate with organizations and other leaders in the industry. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Nanny Relief Fund. 

Cynthia believes that education and experience in a nanny’s profession are fundamental and indispensable because it allows nannies to provide a high level of care to the children in their care and demonstrates to families how committed a nanny is to their profession and this is something that is often best learned through workshops, conferences and nanny support groups. Cynthia is the founder and facilitator of Nalany (Nannies Latinas Of New York) since 2014.


30 Year recipient

Guy Maddalone: 

Guy is a 30-year veteran of the payroll, human resource, and employment services industry. Starting with the placement of eldercare services while he was a college student, Guy expanded his business to include nannies and other household staff and named the company A New England Nanny. 

In 1991, he founded GTM Payroll Services to provide payroll and tax administration for households, the first in the industry. In 2002, GTM expanded by adding business payroll services as a complement to the fast-growing household payroll and tax processing operation. Later, Guy added insurance and human resource services to further serve client needs. Growing his company to more than 70 employees, Guy understands the issues first-hand that small- and medium-sized employers experience. He has helped thousands of clients with payroll, human resources, and insurance. 

From the household perspective, Guy is a household employer himself and the author of How to Hire A Nanny: Your Complete Guide to Finding, Hiring, and Retaining a Nanny and other Household. Guy believes in sharing his personal and professional successes with the community and has been a long-time supporter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, as well as donating support to several other community and charitable causes. 

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