2021 INA Summit – Speaker Introduction – Shenandoah Davis

Meet Shenandoah Davis!
2021 INA Virtual Summit NCS Speaker

Shenandoah is the CEO and co-founder of Adventure Nannies, a nationwide agency placing nannies, private educators, and newborn care specialists with families across the country. She has presented at both the Association of Premier Nanny Agencies (APNA) and the International Nanny Association (INA) conferences and is on the Nanny Relief Fund board of directors, the APNA board of directors, and a member of the Seattle chapter of Entrepreneur’s Organization. In 2019, Adventure Nannies won the APNA Innovation Award as well as the APNA Excellence Award. Prior to joining the industry, she worked as a world-traveling musician, brand manager, marketing director, nanny, and tutor. She is passionate about domestic workers’ rights and providing education and advocacy to candidates through Adventure Nannies’ Summit Sessions, podcasts, and other candidate education services. Shenandoah lives in Tacoma, WA with her partner, two dogs, and rabbit.


Shenandoah will be teaching the following BONUS session at the virtual 2021 INA Summit (for an additional cost):

Navigating Agency Placements with Grace
As more and more agencies begin to tackle NCS placements, newborn care specialists are faced with an array of options as they begin to seek future roles. This session will focus on everything a newborn care specialist needs to know about working with an agency – what to expect, the benefits and potential shortcomings, what to look for in an agency you consider working with, and how to balance working with families through an agency during NCS placements.


Want to learn from Shenandoah directly in her great session? Join us on March 13, 2021, for the INA Virtual Summit.
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