2023 Deborah Davis Conference Grant Sponsored by Household Staffing

2023 GrantMore than 3 years ago the INA debuted the Deborah Davis Conference Grant, in honor of one of our our founders, Deborah Davis Caughron. Her goal in gathering people in the industry for that first conference in 1985 was to help legitimize and professionalize the role of nanny. Now with the help of our Grant Sponsor, Household Staffing, we are excited to be able to offer up to 15 grants for our conference in Orlando, Florida, May 4-7, 2023. Applications will need to be submitted through the Grant Application form

Eligibility and Requirements:

  • Current INA Membership is not required.
  • Complete the application form by November 14, 2022
  • If the Grant is accepted, the recipient will receive $300 off of their 2023 Conference registration. Recipients are recommended to become members and register by the end of early registration (December 15, 2022)  for the best deal. 
  • Recipients will need to provide transportation and lodging on their own. Conference hotel information can be found at inaconference.org. 

Application Instructions

You will need to provide the following information with as much detail as you can and are comfortable providing us. Your information will be completely confidential and private. If your primary language is not English and you would like to submit your application in a different language, please do so and tell us what language you are submitting in. 

  • Language submission is in if it is different from English
  • Name and contact email address
  • Current living country, state/province, and city
  • An explanation of the economic challenges you have
  • How do you keep up to date with important issues in the child care industry?
  • What do you hope to gain from attending the 2022 INA Annual Conference?

Selection Process

Once the application is closed, the office will redact all identifiable information from the application. Then several individuals on the Board of Directors will go through the redacted applications using an evaluating rubric in order to give a fully blind and equitable evaluation of the applicants. The rubric includes the following questions and ratings

  1. Is the application complete? 1-3 
  2. What level do the candidate’s economic challenges meet? (recent struggles causing economic hardships) 1-10
  3. Candidate’s ability to stay current on industry issues 1-7
  4. Candidate’s reason for attending the conference 1-7 

To receive the 2023 Grant, an applicant must receive an average of at least 21 out of 28 points. 

Accepted Deborah Davis Conference Grant applicants will be notified by December 1, 2022 so there will still be time to register for early pricing.

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