2023 INA Board of Directors Voting Now Open

2023 Board Nominations Nominees and Continuing 4The INA Board of Directors are representatives of the INA Membership, which consist of nannies, newborn care specialists, caregivers, educators, agency owners, business staff, parents and industry service providers. Each year the Nominating Committee strives to bring the membership nominees who will serve the organization to its fullest and meet or exceed the qualifications required to be eligible to serve on the Board of Directors. Once the nominees are accepted, a ballot is presented to the INA membership to cast their votes.

Voting begins today, Thursday, April 27, 2023, and ends on Monday, May 15, 2023, at 11:59 PM US Pacific Standard Time. 

Members can VOTE NOW. You will need your login credentials to complete the ballot. Let the office know if you need help with that. Log into your Member Portal at nanny.org

  • Each nominee for Board of Directors is listed individually
    • Vote “YES” if you would like that individual to be given a 2-year term on the INA Board of Directors
    • Vote “NO” if you do not want that individual to be given a 2-year term on the INA Board of Directors.
  • There is a space to leave comments. Be sure to submit your form when done.



2023 Board Natalie AnnilloNatalie Annillo

  • Current INA Membership Category: Childcare Professional
  • Why do you want to be on the INA Board of Directors? I feel that when you have been in the field as a long as I have, it is time to give back. The knowledge and wisdom I have gained can be shared to benefit others. I wish I would have been more diligent to seek out mentorship as a young nanny. In addition, I never want to stop developing as a professional, and I know there is much I can glean from those already on the Board.
  • Most important contribution to make to the INA Board of Directors? I am a hard and diligent worker and I love this industry so much! I think that I can give back by helping educate and train up the future generation of nannies.

I love to support and encourage them as they pursue this wonderful career. This can be in the form of one-on-one coaching, writings, and assisting the board however I can to cultivate our nanny community.”

  • Biography Natalie is a compassionate and experienced career nanny with a passion for the Nanny Industry. Throughout her career, she has partnered with families to provide inspired care not only for children but the family as a whole. She treasures the bonds made with her charges and every child she has cared for has a special place in her heart.

She is married to her husband Jeff, a police detective, of 16 years. Together they have three sons and reside in Keller, Texas. Most weekends, you will find her on the ball field cheering her boys on as they play baseball. 

In 2021, she hung up her nanny hat and joined a local Household Staffing Agency, Mom’s Best Friend. She guides and counsels nannies and families to find the best fit. Every week she leads a training course covering the basics of Nanny Professionalism and how to work effectively with an agency. She has found this line of work very rewarding as she knows how exciting it is when you find “”the one””.



2023 Board Nominees Joy ColinoJoy Colino

  • Current INA Membership Category  Placement Agency
  • Why do you want to be on the INA Board of Directors?  I am thrilled for the opportunity to learn and grow within the industry, and to have the opportunity to contribute to our community. I love collaboration and connection, and feel I can bring new ideas while also respecting and valuing what the BOD has accomplished so far. 
  • Most important contribution to make to the INA Board of Directors?  My perspective. As a former career nanny and as a current agency owner I have great insight into both worlds. I am an active listener, and am able to understand and empathize with many different personalities. I am a peacemaker of sorts, while also being able to actively bring in ideas, decision-making skills, and well thought out opinions based on my 32 years in the industry. 
  • Biography  A natural connector with over 30 years of experience as a professional nanny and agency owner, Joy knows what thriving family teams look like. Her mission is to honor and balance the needs of the families and candidates she works with, and to elevate the domestic staffing industry. Joy built her agency, Nannies Plus, from the ground up holding true to the belief that practices grounded in integrity and transparency, while not always a path of ease, is the only way to operate. Nannies Plus proudly holds membership to The Association of Premier Nanny Agencies, and the International Nanny Association, and Joy is the recipient of the Association of Premier Nanny Agencies’ 2022 Rising Star Award. Joy contributes to the domestic staffing industry and community in many ways, including leading a weekly mastermind group, hosting quarterly in-person events for agency owners’ and staff, as a contributor to Nanny Magazine, and is a member of the Invisible Consulting team. She is also the founder of a 900+ member Meetup group, Unwind: Bay Area Women Entrepreneurs. 



2023 Board Nominees Tamara GardnerTamara Gardner

  • Current INA Membership Category  Childcare Professional
  • Why do you want to be on the INA Board of Directors?  I would like to be on the INA Board to broaden my knowledge of childcare developments and opportunities in the scope of the INA, furthermore, leading to development in providing support to the INA community in whole. 
  • Most important contribution to make to the INA Board of Directors?  The most important contribution I can bring to the INA Board of Directors is dedication and effective engagement to accomplish the goals of board, and ultimately, the INA. 
  • Biography  Tamara Gardner is a career nanny with eleven years of experience, working with children from the newborn stage through the teen years. She has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Towson University. Tamara loves to engage with children and families as a whole to create fun, stimulating, and educationally based activities for all the youth she interacts with to thrive. Her childcare experience includes experiences in both the field of Nannying and public childcare atmosphere. 

As a nanny, Tamara has worked children in the capacity of Multiple Sibling Care, Nanny Shares, Special Event, and more. In addition to nannying, her professional childcare experience also includes her work as an After School Program Director, Child Watch Area Coordinator, and Summer Camp Leadership, focusing on developing and executing monthly youth centered events, daily child care, programmatic advancement and complex financial responsibilities.  

Tamara believes one should never let the fear of the unknown and matters being too difficult, shape one choice and decision in life; and hopes to utilize all her experiences to be a dedicated addition to the INA Board, given the opportunity. 



2023 Board Nominees Jessica RectorJessica Rector

  • Current INA Membership Category  Newborn Care Specialists
  • Why do you want to be on the INA Board of Directors?  I am ready to see the industry grow and finally come together. I feel like there is a divide among the community, represented in the facebook groups, nanny chats and forums about what being a nanny truly means and what it takes to be a career nanny. We spend our time trying to advocate and advertise our profession as a professional career, for others industries and employers to take us seriously, but I feel like we are struggling to take ourselves seriously. I want to change that by encouraging continuing education, educating providers of the different FREE courses they can take, how to highlight things in your resume and how to hold yourself to a reasonable standard that matches your worth to the industry and is conducted in a professional way that can be taken seriously. 
  • Most important contribution to make to the INA Board of Directors?  I am known for my big ideas. I think outside of the box and look for ways to reach people non traditionally. I bring forth good ideas and I’m not ashamed or afraid to share bad ones. Some of my good ideas have included beginning a NYC NCS group that currently meets monthly and has about 20 active people. I started a monthly Nanny Agency meet up of 5 agencies to discuss troubles, vent and share ideas. I currently mentor several career nannies  and I do industry related Facebook lives. I run an instagram with almost 11k followers and I am always looking to meet new people and hear what they have been up to. 
  • Biography  Being one of five girls, babies have always been a part of Jessica’s life. She grew up in North Carolina and has had a taste for adventure for as long as she can remember, which added to her love for traveling.She is currently an Advanced Newborn Care Specialist.  She’s taken care of infants in over 14 different countries, over ⅓ of the USA, and several territories. She serves on the committee team for the INA Education section, she speaks at local and national conferences. “



2023 Board Nominees Sherry Simpson LittleTassecia (Sherry) Simpson-Little

  • Current INA Membership Category  Childcare Professional
  • Why do you want to be on the INA Board of Directors?  I would like to be considered for the board because I believe I can develop creative ways to help uplift the nanny community.
  • Most important contribution to make to the INA Board of Directors?  The most important contribution that I can make to the INA is my interpersonal skills. I am also very goal oriented and driven to succeed.
  • Biography  “My Name is Tassecia Simpson Little or better known as Sherry to some. I am a proud professional nanny with a 19-year career history. I was born in Jamaica, West Indies where I spent most of my childhood days, until I migrated to the US in 1992 at the age of 12.  I grew up in the Bronx, NY. Although I experienced this great culture shock I enjoyed my new schools, friends and family. It took a lot of getting used to, and with the help of great teachers and mentors I was able to adapt easily. During my first year high school year I attended a job readiness program where they placed me to intern in an after school program working with elementary aged children. I believe that is when I realized my love for children and wanting to be a great mentor to them just like I had growing up in such a diverse country. 

I consider myself a fun and creative individual. I love the outdoors and think it’s best to enjoy it when I can. I like trying new things and definitely exploring all options. I believe that’s where my creativity kicks in. I try to pass that on to the children I Nanny. Another love of mine is singing. I’m not the best singer, but singing can bring such joy, peace and calm. I have a song for almost everything, child related and not child related. I also like to create some songs my own based on the moment and situation we are in.  I love the opportunity to get messy, loud and energetic with children. Knowing they had a full fun and educational day makes me feel accomplished at the end of they day. I truly love caring for children, discovering their unique personalities, offering my talents and wisdom for fun and wonderful memories. My overall goal is to be the change that I would like to see in the world and help other nannies do the same.”


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