Overcome Obstacles Nannies Encounter in the Job Search

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Being a nanny brings significant rewards and gratification, coupled with its distinctive set of hurdles. Amongst these obstacles is the demanding task of acquiring a new position, which is not only a time-intensive process but also often stressful and calls for great perseverance and commitment. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the difficulties that nannies encounter while searching for a new job and the potential solutions that partnering with an agency such as Domestic | Match can offer to overcome them.

Resumes Don’t Always Tell the Story

One of the most common challenges nannies face when searching for a new job is that their resumes don’t always tell the whole story. Recruiters often look at resumes for a short time and may not be able to fully understand the candidate’s skills and experience. To overcome this challenge, nannies must include all relevant information on their resumes. This includes their experience, qualifications, certifications, and any additional skills they may have.

Longevity in Positions

Another challenge that nannies face is longevity in positions. Many clients look for nannies who have been with their previous families for an extended time. This can be difficult for nannies who have had to leave their previous positions for various reasons. While agencies can educate clients on the benefits of hiring nannies who have worked in multiple positions, nannies need to be transparent about why they left their previous jobs.

Oversharing During Interviews

During interviews, nannies may be tempted to overshare or talk too much. This can be detrimental to their chances of getting hired. Nannies must listen to the client, read the room, and avoid interrupting. They should focus on answering the client’s questions and highlighting their strengths. It’s important to remember that each family is different, so nannies should ask their recruiters for tips on handling each interview.

How can Domestic| Match help you Overcome These Obstacles


Speak with the Recruiter About Your Challenges

One of the best ways to overcome these obstacles is to speak with a recruiter. At Domestic | Match, we are here to help you find a great long-term position, so it’s essential to be open and honest about your challenges. We offer guidance and support and help you navigate the job search process.

Share the Real Reasons You Have Left a Position

Be honest but also professional and respectful. It’s essential to be transparent about why you left your previous position. This can help us and clients understand your situation and find the right job for you. If you leave a position due to a conflict with the family, for example, avoid badmouthing them and focus on the positive aspects of your previous jobs.

Ask the Recruiter for Tips on How to Handle the Interview

As recruiters, we can provide valuable insights and help you prepare for each interview. Each family is different, so ask the recruiter for tips on handling each interview. This can include information on the family’s needs, expectations, and preferences. Listen and use their advice to your advantage.

Most Importantly, Listen to the Recruiter’s Advice

At Domestic | Match, we  have a lot of experience working with families and nannies and can provide you with valuable insights and tips. We are here to help you find a great position, so it’s important to trust our expertise. It’s also important to be open to our feedback and use it to improve your job search process. We have 98 years of combined expertise and knowledge within the Domestic | Match team! Not bad, right?

Searching for a new job can be challenging, especially for nannies. However, by being transparent, prepared, and open to feedback, nannies can overcome these challenges and find the right job for them. It’s important to remember that Domestic | Match is here to help, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us and ask for guidance and support throughout your job search process. With our help and dedication, you can find a fulfilling and rewarding nanny job that matches your skills, experience, and preferences. Happy job searching!


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