3 Easy Ways You Can Support Parents

INA Blog 3 Easy Ways You Can Support Parents 1By Rayz Kidz

As a nanny, you play a critical role caring for the parent’s most precious beings. Of course, they know their kids are in great hands with you, that’s why they hired you! But it doesn’t mean they don’t miss them. Fortunately, there are easy ways to help parents stay connected and feel like a part of their child’s day when they’re not with them. You’ll feel proud that you can support the whole family and parents will feel great about their care.

Here are our top three things that make a huge difference in the lives of parents:

  • Keep Them Updated Throughout the Day

Went to the library, the park or stayed at home and played Ninja’s? Whatever it is, make sure to share you and the kids have been up to during the day. Some parents may be interested in specific tracking of sleep, diapers, food, etc and others may just want to see the activity updates. Get a sense from your nanny family’s preference for information and share in real-time so it’s like they’re with you throughout the day. The Rayz Kidz app makes it super easy to send these updates, without bombarding the parents with texts. With the app, just quickly log events for each child and the parents will see them on their daily feed, whenever they have a chance to look. It will be the first place they check between meetings. 

  • Share Photos

If we surveyed parents, we estimate 99% of them would agree that the best updates they receive are photos or videos of their kids. There’s nothing better than knowing much fun your kids are having so you can feel good about your decision for childcare – and seeing it makes a big difference. Texting photos can be disruptive and disorganized. Using the Rayz Kidz app, photos and videos you add are placed in an album that can be accessed by invitation. It functions like a private Instagram where you can like, comment, and download. Parents will love inviting their extended family to the app so everyone can share in the memories of their kids. 

  • Translate the Learning Benefit of The Activities You’re Doing 

We know you know how much benefit comes from play, but parents without a background in education or childcare may not necessarily appreciate the benefits. With the Rayz Kidz app, you’ll have access to hundreds of play-based activities that have an educational base. We use language to describe the learning benefits in plain English so any person can understand how much learning is happening behind each activity. Parents will be proud of all their children are learning and will appreciate that they hired the right person to guide their child’s development.


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