3 Must Have Agency Building Technologies That Can Grow Your Company Today

by EnginehireBlog 3 Must Have Agency Building Technologies

Let’s face it, technology is a huge component of a successful business, and why wouldn’t it be? Technology increases efficiency, streamlines processes, maintains your data flow, all while reducing costs and saving you time. 

Beginning with our first client, a one-woman-show nanny agency owner, everything we’ve ever created at Enginehire is built because it is what our agency owners tell us they need to grow and simplify running their businesses while never sacrificing their services and what makes them standout. 

In listening to our clients, we’ve seen 3 must have agency building technologies that will help you grow today. Or, as soon as you start using them.  

1. Email

Yes, I am certain you’re already using email. 

But are you using it to its fullest? I could talk about email in business all day but there is one use that will have an immediate impact on your business. 

Automated Reminder Emails

The Reminder Email is the follow up to an email you’ve already sent. The automated part means you never ever have to think about it. 

Use Reminder Emails to nudge people every step of the way and get them to the finish line of your process. We believe there should be an email to remind people whenever someone needs to do anything. From filling out an application or signing a contract, move people to the next step of your process with an automated email you created one time. 

Our Top Tip: Use 1 to 3 Automated Email Reminders for every status a client or candidate go to. Who said you need just one?

2. Video 

Video is everywhere. Remember a phone call or a meeting? They are all video chats now. 

Every time you can’t talk to a client in person you should be using video too.

Fun Fact, viewers retain 95% more with a video than the written word. Remember that email you wrote earlier today? Neither does the person that read it. (I realize this is a written blog, but if it could have been a video, it would have been.) 

Use a video whenever you share a candidate with a family. Hearing the words come out of your mouth and seeing the excitement on your face when you say, “this could be the one” will put clients over the edge when you’re telling them why a candidate is the perfect match for their family. 

Rule of thumb, if it can be an email, it can be a video. The possibilities with video are endless. 

Our Top Tip: In addition to the example above, welcome new clients with a short video. 

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

No, I didn’t use AI to write this but that doesn’t mean I don’t use it for other tasks.

Artificial intelligence, AKA AI, is best used like a running start. 

Stop racking your brain trying to draft a blog post, a newsletter, or an email on topics you’ve never dealt with before. Let AI give you an assist, point you in the right direction, advance to go and collect your time back. Use the AI generated suggestions as a brainstorming session or brush up the content with your own voice. 

Our Top Tip: Use AI to polish candidate profiles so they read like the stand out candidates they are. 


Technology has always been the mechanism for simplifying and assisting people with tasks. Video for the content creator is the wrench to the mechanic. 

Tech furthers you and your goals, it never detracts from the amazing work you’re already doing. A wrench can’t make a person better at fixing cars just like a camera can’t make any one amazing director. Let tech do the hard work so you can do that other hard work tech has yet to create a solution for. 

About the Author

Danny Rosenthal, Director of Community at Enginehire, is a nanny industry staple. With his own nanny placement service, United Nanny Agency, having been a nanny himself, and author of Nanny ABCs: The Sitter’s Handbook, he is known as an unbiased voice to address both families, nannies, and agencies alike when it comes to industry best practices. 

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