Peace of Mind Parenting: Securing Your Home for Nanny-Care

by Katie BrennemanBlog Peace of Mind Parenting Securing Your Home for Nanny Care

Bringing in a Nanny is a great way to free up some time while ensuring your child gets the care they need. However, you may find that you start to worry about your home’s security while you’re away. 

Most Nannies are trained to handle emergencies and will take preventive measures to secure your home. However, you can always sure up security by taking a few proactive steps yourself. 

Outdoor Safety

All children love to play outdoors in the yard. Outdoor playtime for Nannies too, who can let kids blow off some steam in a safe, controlled environment. However, accidents can occur in the back garden. 

As a parent, you can secure your home in preparation for Nanny care by utilizing outdoor safety tips like: 

  • Check for fix-ups and make proactive repairs
  • Secure tools and sharp objects in a locked shed
  • Keep pesticides and fertilizer far from curious children


If you’re lucky enough to have a pool, you should invest in a pool safety alarm system. Pool alarm systems protect children by notifying adults immediately if anyone falls in. This can make a world of difference in an emergency, as every second matters should a child fall into the pool. Pool alarm systems can be fitted to doors, too, meaning that you’ll know if anyone breaks into your swimming area. 

Air Quality 

It’s easy to overlook poor air quality when your child is desperate to go outside. However, children are at a high risk of pollution illnesses. Children breathe faster than adults and will inhale toxins that are hovering closer to the ground. This can cause neurological and cognitive impairments as well as respiratory issues like asthma. 

Put your Nanny in a position to succeed by changing the filters in your HVAC system before you hire some help. Nowadays, you can even use Wi-Fi-based air filters to let you know when a change is needed. During this time, you should check the humidity levels, too, to prevent illnesses caused by mold and mildew. 

Preventing Accidents

Many accidents are unavoidable. However, you should never knowingly expose your child to risk — even if you know the Nanny is looking after them. Instead, take measures to prevent accidents at home, like: 

  • Secure and remove potential hazards like dangerous appliances
  • Teach your child about common health risks around the home 
  • Keep a well-stocked first-aid kit for rapid response
  • Always use safety devices like helmets, seatbelts, and booster seats


These preventive steps can avoid accidents and empower your nanny to respond appropriately in an emergency. Have regular age-appropriate conversations, too, as these can keep your kid out of trouble while you are away. 


Hiring a Nanny should give you peace of mind. They’re trained to handle emergencies and will be able to identify health hazards around the home. But, before you hand over the keys, be sure to do your due diligence by installing safety features like pool alarms, fresh filters, and first-aid kits. This will prevent most accidents from ever occurring, secure your home against intruders, and help your Nanny respond effectively should an emergency arise while you are away. 

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