In our continuing celebration of interNational Nanny Recognition Week, we asked former charges, now grown to share the lasting impact having had a nanny has had on them. May they remind every nanny of the impact they have every day.


“I spent my whole childhood with nannies as both of my parents were working. Growing up with a nanny positively shaped my development, elevating my independence, social skills, and creativity. The relationships I built with my nannies have had a lifelong impact on me and I still cherish the time I spent with all of them”
Megan – 28 – California

“30 years later and still taking care of me!   You aren’t good, you are the BEST!”
Anonymous – 33yr – New York

“Having a nanny means having another mother or father. In my personal case, having a nanny meant having a mother who was always there to listen, to raise, and to learn from. I will forever love my nanny, and i will forever be grateful for her.  My nanny shaped my empathy, my trust, and my heart.”
G 19yr – California

“Growing up with a nanny was like growing up with extra family. Both of my parents worked full time, and we didn’t live near our extended family. Having a nanny meant having someone who could take us on playdates, or do activities with us, and was just great at helping kids play and develop. Sixteen years after she stopped watching us, we still consider our nanny part of the family.”
Anonymous – 25 – Washington

“Lisa has become not only a friend but a member of the family through the years she babysat me and the years after. The countless amazing memories I had with Lisa has helped me grow and develop into a person that I’m proud of. Lisa has helped me fuel my interests with creative crafts, had sewn me a dance costume (even though I refused to dance in class a couple times), and by taking me to soccer practice. As I see her now that I’m older with other children, I realize how lucky I was to have Lisa for she has a strong intuition for teaching children morals and ways to conceptualize things and is the perfect exemplary role model.”
Rachel – 17 – California

“What I value most from my Lisa being my nanny when I was younger was how that relationship has transformed over the years from child developmental to being family. I owe so much of my character from her—she has affected how I learned how to treat people, how hard I work, and how to be creative and goofy. Being at the age where I can reflect, as opposed to being 5 years old, I can appreciate the environment Lisa fosters with all her children. She creates such a comfortable atmosphere where I am free to express myself. As a somewhat shy kid, I was never embarrassed or limited myself around her. It is crazy to think how I can call Lisa such a good friend and family member, our relationship has evolved to one where it used to be kid and nanny to now that is one of adults. She truly inspires me.”
Caroline – 17 – California

“Growing up with Meme as a nanny, and continuing to have her in my life, is one of the relationships I will forever be most grateful for. From day 1 (almost literally, my day 1 on earth), Meme and I hit it off. We have shared so many laughs together, car rides, homework sessions, dinner table conversations, and long chats about life far beyond when she was still my Nanny. Whether or not she was physically with me, she was always there when I needed anything — when I was too scared or embarrassed to talk to my parents about something, or when I had “adult” questions, I knew she’d talk about them in a nonjudgmental and honest way. I have so many memories of moments that were formative in my childhood that involve Meme, one being her coming over after I was diagnosed with a rare thyroid tumor at age 12, and bringing me out in the world for the first time after my surgery to our favorite restaurant, Taco Bell, where she had to hoist me up when I could barely walk just because I really wanted to have a couple of tacos. Or when I saw her own twins for the first time right after they were born — I was only seven, and I still vividly remember holding her newborn daughter in my arms in our living room and thinking how cool it felt to be trusted with that responsibility. Meme taught us to be responsible, strong, and outspoken women; guiding us through some of the most difficult years of life with an abundance of care and love (and even some tough love!). Now I’m 25 and even though we live in different states, we stay up-to-date on each other’s lives and I am confident that we will continue to be part of each other’s lives forever. I know that so much of my curiosity, humor, generosity, and love came from the privilege of growing up with Meme.”

“During Nanny Donna’s time with us, our family was in the process of dealing some serious internal issues.  Several of those issues surfaced on a family vacation that Nanny Donna took with us. She was able to handle a very traumatic week with grace, taking care of both our mother and the kids.  She was very supportive and made sure we the kids, felt comfortable while our parents had time to themselves. I can’t imagine getting through that week without Nanny Donna’s presence. Our family will always be grateful to her for that. In her short time with us, Nanny Donna was absolutely a part of the family.  Her influence remains with us and she will always hold a place in our hearts.”
G.H. and R.H. Georgia


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