While celebrating interNational Nanny Recognition Week, we had some nannies ask their current little Nanny Kids “what is a nanny to you?”  Here are their adorable responses. Never forget the impact you are having on these little lives.

“A nanny is like your family but also like an aunt and she is Iike a babysitter and a teacher and your friend.”
M.G. 6.5 yrs California

B. 5yr Texas

“My friend”
H. 2yr girl

“Big sister!”
S 5yr North Carolina

“It means she loves me and we snuggle a lot”
I.Z. 3yr Ohio

“A nanny means to me someone who likes to take care of me. A nanny is also someone who is totally funny to laugh with and tells great jokes.“
C.A.  7.5yr Los Angeles

“A nanny is a person who is nice and has money”
F.B. 4yr South Carolina

“I love you”
H.B. 2 yr South Carolina

“People that look after people”
E.D 6yr United Kingdom

“Ummm, a godmother”
G.D. 3yr United Kingdom

“Amanda is my nanny she does things my mom does when my mom isn’t around”
G 8yr New York

“You’re not my nanny, you’re my best friend who takes care of me! I love you!”
A.A. Canada

“Nannies drive, walk dogs, swing people, park the car and watch me and my brother.  That’s all, my belly wants me to stop talking now”
B 3yr

“You could eat more family dinners with us”
B 5yr

“You’re like our second mom, you take care of us every day.”
G 8yr Wisconsin

“You keep us safe when mommy and daddy are at work”
B 5yr Indiana

“Someone who takes care of kids when mom and dad are at work”
B8 New York

“If mom and dad have to go to work you can call a nanny to come and watch you”
M.H. 5yr Utah

“It’s not nanny.  It’s my second mama.  You’re my Mama Tash”
O.C, 4yr Washington

“Umm Vavo” (translates to grandma in Portuguese)
J.D. 23mo California

“She helps with snuggling”
V.C. 4yr California

“My nannies my friend because goes to Taylor Swift concerts with me”
M.C. 8yr New York

“You aren’t mean, you are nice! You take of girls, take the girls to school and the park.  You always come back.”
S.R. 4yr Ohio

“They take care of you and help you when you get hurt and help you feel better when parents leave to go to work.  And take you special places on your Nannyversary.”
M 5yr

“You’re my nanny! You give me hugs (nanny says, I love you, child replies) Do preschool with me and play, then make lunch for me.”
O.S. 3 yr Arizona

“A nanny is a helper.  She makes me happy.” (Followed by kiss:)
J.S. 4yr California

“A nanny is someone who protects you like a parent and takes care of you”
A.E. 9yr California

“I think of a nanny as a “semii-parent.”  Also, a nanny is someone who helps a family that needs help taking care of children or things around the house, but ultimately has a special unique bond with children unlike any other.”
M.E. 12 yr California

“Nanny is who loves you when your mama goes”
G 6yr

“”It’s a people, yes, it’s a people because it’s you Heidi and you’re my friend.  Oh it’s fun and poppycock” (poppycock being a newly discovered word this Little understands to mean funny and nonsensical:)
R.C. 2.75 yr California

“You’re not a nanny, you’re my Sandi!”
B 5 yr Michigan

Response:  Just a full belly cackle laugh
B 23 mo

“It’s very important to me because they take care of you and are very fun and help with stuff.  That’s what they mean to you.”
G 7yr

J.B. 18mo North Carolina

“Uh.  You’re like my mom.  But like when my mom and dad are at work.  You take us fun places and make sure we get to school on time and you’re the best and i love you.”
K.H. 6yr Ohio

“You come play while the adults go to work.”
S.W. Michigan

“It’s YOU!”
G 4yr Ohio

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