In honor of interNational Nanny Recognition Week, we reached out to some Nanny Employer’s and asked them to share with us how having a nanny impacted their family.  Here are some of their responses.


“We didn’t have any extended family near us, so our nanny provided the voice of experience and the sage “elder” wisdom of what was important and what to “let go”.  She helped us learn to trust our instincts while also realizing most “mistakes” are part of the journey. When the time came for us all to move on from having a full time nanny I missed having a trusted partner in raising my children.  But then I realize she’s just a phone call away! Looking back now I see she helped us raise thoughtful, compassion, happy children, which is the best gift in the world.  For this she will always be family in every essential way.”
Diana – California

“Our nanny made having to go back to work easier on a first time mom.  I just couldn’t leave my first born in the hands of multiple people at a daycare center.  We wanted someone that would be an extension of mom and dad—to bend to our daughter’s schedule along with taking her various activities like music, dance, zoo, Gymboree and play dates that we and the nanny chose. Additionally, Working from a home office had the advantage having lunch and take mental breaks with them daily when I was not out on the road.  I feel my work life was also better because of that and knowing my nanny “Mommy Paige” loved her just about as much as I did.  Less time off from work too!! I remember when Mariella was sick with a high fever and Paige rocked her and she slept on Paige’s chest the entire day.  I couldn’t be more thankful to have Paige there to take wonderful care of our daughter. She even slept over a few times when we needed the extra help! Finally, an added bonus was Paige going the extra mile by going to the grocery store, and running errands would in the end provide us with more mother daughter time when those items were already taken care of during the day. She filled in the blanks. I still believe that moms staying home is the right choice for our children.  But if you must go back to work the only choice is a nanny!!”
Sharon, Pennsylvania

“Laura…when we first decided to get a nanny it was mainly for the flexibility that we would not be allowed with traditional day care. But as soon as you started we quickly realized it was about so much more. Specialized attention that worked to the needs of the child. So much extra love given. Nanny life became part of our family and we would not be the same without that experience. ♥️”
Jessica, North Carolina

“Having a nanny was a blessing when my children were young. The peace of mind she gave me knowing that my children were safe, happy and loved was priceless. I owe the family I have today to the kind of nanny she was all those years ago. Our nanny was more than a nanny, she was (and still is) an important part of our family who we will always love and be so grateful to.”

“Most importantly, to reflect on our manny’s character; Daniel is caring and a compassionate role model who I felt confident provided a strong moral compass for my children, especially my 12 year old son.”
Former manny employer, California

“Our Nanny (Lisa) worked with our family at least one day during the week and often on weekend days and/or nights. The benefits were many: – hands-on physical help with the care and feeding of a very active and busy person, someone to bounce parenting ideas and strategies off of, someone to come in and give me the time and reassurance that I could focus on other personal and professional pursuits. Having a trusted professional caregiver provided me and my husband much appreciated and needed breaks from parenting our special needs son and gave us time to recharge emotionally and physically. I miss both having a fun little kid in the house and our Nanny because those days were very fun and sweet, although they also felt exhausting and occasionally chaotic. I miss having a Nanny because it truly felt as though I was passing the reins off to someone whom I could trust to keep our house from burning down. I knew that I could leave and come home to someone who cared for our son, someone who tried her best and someone who had a sense of humor about the good, the bad and the ugly of raising kids. I also miss the creative projects that she did at our home, from baking to arts and crafts.  I also miss the thoughtful, homemade gifts that she helped our son make for me for Mother’s day and other holidays. Having our Nanny helped keep me sane, helped my marriage (because my husband and I could take overnights for special occasions), helped me make time for creative and work projects and helped our son have a happy childhood.”
Julie, California


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