As we wrap up our celebration of interNational Nanny Recognition Week, our INA Co-President Tonya Sakowicz would like to share a very special and unique story. Don’t forget, through Saturday, Sept 29, 2018 you can get $10 off your INA Individual Membership. New members use the code NNRW18NEW. Current and lapsed members use the code NNRW18RENEW.


A Nanny’s Lasting Impact 
By Tonya Sakowicz

When you are hired as a nanny by a family, you intentionally think about the responsibilities related to the children and how that will impact them: Will they learn to count? Their colors? To tie their shoes? And we as caregivers should think about those things; they matter and it is a huge part of why parents employ us. But do we think about the impact, personally and emotionally, that being part of the family has on the adults involved, namely the parents?  I think many times, we overlook the emotional connection that the parents have for us as the caregivers of their most valued life gift, their children.

Recently, when Lisa asked about parents of our nanny kids in relation to National Nanny Recognition Week, I thought about letters I have received over the years, but one in particular stuck in my head.  It was written right after my wedding and sent me by my employers at the time. I had lived with them for over two years and continued to work for them for an additional nearly 2 years after I got married.  I left their employment right prior to the birth of my son.

With permission, I am sharing this letter in hopes that other nannies realize that not only do they have a huge positive impact on the children in their care, but also on the families.


I just wanted to write you and tell you a few things while they’re still fresh in my mind. The wedding was so beautiful.  The service was very meaningful ad well thought out.  Everything went off without a hitch. All your hard work paid off –I cannot stop thinking about it.   Rachel and I are very happy that you have found your mate in Todd and take some joy in (maybe foolishly) thinking we have SOMETHING to do with this.  Anyhow, we are excited to watch you two as you raise your family in Arizona.

Now that your room is (very) empty, I finally got my wish as it relates to MY office. Tonight I moved all of Rachels’ jewelry (and equipment) into your old room. I vacuumed the office for the first time in at least two years.  Although the office is now on its way to how I always wanted it, I realized something else. The house is incredibly empty without you. I know that you only officially lived here for a little more than two years, but that was (and always will be) an incredible time for our family.  We are very lucky to have found you. I wanted to take this moment, while I am still feeling nostalgic, to let you know how lucky we are to have found you, and how glad we are that you had such a deep influence on our children. As we say goodnight to them each night, we notice how much they know and realize that you have to take much of the credit for that.  Each one of them is speaking beautifully, are happy, and use their manners properly. The room that now houses Rachel’s jewelry studio used to be called the guest room, and it has a new name…..Tonya’s room.  Not because we intended to name it that….that’s just what it is.

We hope you had a great time on your honeymoon (or if you found some Tahitian internet café and are reading this currently, have a relaxing time).  Enjoy this special time together and make certain that you take time away together as the years go by.


Tonya Sakowicz, INA Co-President


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