Check out the INA Mentor Committee Updates

The Caregiver Mentor Committee has been hard at work refreshing and revamping the traditional mentor program for nannies and newborn care specialists. Today, we are excited to announce that we are re-launching the program. You can find full details on how INA members can sign up to become a mentor and/or be matched with a mentor (mentee). Here are some of the highlights you will find in the updated program.

  • We have added the word partnership to highlight that the goal is to build a strong system where both individuals are learning from each other. We want both the mentor and the mentee to feel a sense of community through these relationships.
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  • The Mentor and Mentee applications have been updated so we can more easily build a database of mentors and keep the process simple and more clear for mentees.
  • We developed a booklet that better explains the program. This booklet will provide guidance to both the mentor and the mentee. It suggests questions to encourage relationship building and guides everyone through the process.

The Caregiver Mentor Program is also working closely with the Membership Committee in the next few months to develop better support for our incoming INA Members. The purpose here will be to provide a warm welcome and to explain the programs and benefits of the organization in addition to helping them to begin to build community.

Mentorship Monday will continue to run one Monday a month on our Facebook INA Member Group. If you have topic suggestions or want to be a part of the Caregiver Mentor Committee, reach out to Sue Downey, the INA Caregiver Mentor Chair.

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