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Choosing Optimism: How Being Optimistic Can Benefit Your Life

INA Blog Choosing Optimism How Being Optimistic Can Benefit Your Life 1Optimism is having a positive outlook on specific situations, your future, yourself, and even the world around you. For some people, optimism comes naturally, but for others, they have to work harder at it. No matter what category you fall into, one thing is clear: choosing optimism makes you stronger and allows you to get through life’s tough times. Here are some benefits of cultivating an optimistic mindset.  

Optimism helps curb depression.

Seeing things in a ‘glass half full’ way can help keep depression at bay. When you slip into the pit of depression, other things start being impacted, too. Your body’s immune system might weaken, you may experience strain in relationships with people that are important to you, and you might notice you’re feeling more stress at home or at work. By focusing on the positive as much as possible, you work to retrain the things in your brain that try to tell you to dwell on negative thoughts.

Being optimistic can help you reach your goals.
Goal setting is one thing but reaching them is another. If you encourage yourself and focus on being optimistic about reaching the goals you’ve set for yourself, chances are, you are more committed to doing your part to reach them.  

Optimists can have less stress in their life.
Most of the time, an optimist won’t feel stressed or anxious about the little things – especially those that are out of their control. By looking at what’s positive and focusing only on what they can control, an optimist minimizes the chance for stress to creep in and overtake their thought process.

Optimists can have good relationships.
Being around people that are happy or have a sunny disposition can feel contagious. In short, people want to be around other people that make them feel happy or build them up. As such, not many people feel encouraged or motivated by being around someone that complains all the time. Building an optimistic outlook helps attract people to you and you have a better chance of building a strong network of good, solid relationships with those around you.  

We all know that life brings a series of curveballs at us and there is no ‘perfect’ life. But, knowing that and being focused on staying optimistic, despite what comes your way will give you the unique power to create a life that is colorful, vibrant, and happy.


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