Conference Spotlight: Traveling with Children

This time in our continuing series spotlighting workshop from the upcoming 2018 INA Annual Conference we are taking a look at “Traveling with Children” which is being presented by Helen  McCarthy.

We asked Helen why she thought INA Conference is a good fit for her and she told us, “I love the fact that you get to mix with people from across the Globe at INA; Nannies, Agencies and NCS’s. As a Nanny, NCS, and now Director of UK Nanny Association and this conference helps me spread the word.”

We asked Helen if would tell us a little about her workshop and she said, “My workshop is all about traveling with children, mainly children under 5 years old. We have all seen the meltdowns families have when traveling and this workshop is about making it all a bit easier for everyone involved.”

When asked what she hopes people get from her workshop, Helen told us” I hope everyone has an enjoyable time as it will be interactive and takes away at least one new idea.”

Helen told us when we asked about her presentation style, “I will have a PowerPoint and take questions during the session. It’s very hands-on with a competition which will have a small prize for the winner. I am happy for members to email me questions before to as our new company is sponsoring this workshop.”

We asked Helen to share with us a little more about herself and she told us, “I am a qualified NNEB nanny and have been in the industry for 26.5 yrs as a Nanny, NCS, Childcare Consultant, and now a director of UK Nanny where I run all their events. The best year in my Nanny career was in 2016 when I was honored INA Nanny of the Year. I also traveled to Australia for Nannypalooza that same year. I have worked all over the globe from London to the USA to Asia to UAE to the Caribbean to Europe. I am also an only child and have been with my wonderful husband who supports my career for 21 years.”

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