Conference Spotlight: Insuring Your Future

In our continuing series spotlighting workshops being presented at the 2018 Annual INA Conference, we will be taking a closer look at ‘Insuring Your Future” presented by Adam Griggs of the Jacknappy Agency.  

We asked Andrew what drew him to the INA Conference. And he told us: We were actually requested to participate by a few of our clients that are members. They felt the insurance subject was a hot button and needed to be addressed directly. We are excited to offer our services and guidance.

When we asked to know a little more about the workshop, Adam told us: We will be discussing the insurance basics of business ownership and we will move into the more detailed program coverage for Nannies services. I will share some things to look out for and different coverage to consider when growing your operation.

Mr. Griggs told us what he hopes folks get from his workshop: I hope that they will walk away with confidence in their journey. There are skilled providers out there to help protect their dreams and after our workshop, they will hopefully know what to look for and what questions to ask. The journey to grow a company is hard enough and I just want to take a little of that pressure off of their shoulders.

We asked Adam about his presentation style and he told us: My presentation style will be more interactive. If there are questions people would like to know I am happy to prepare some educational pieces directed to answer those. I want this to be a fun and educational workshop that will allow for open comments and conversation throughout.


A little more about Adam Griggs: I am a 10 year veteran of the business insurance realm. Focusing on the needs of business owners has been a great experience and a priceless education in entrepreneurial spirit. I have had some fun prior work experience such as an LA Fitness General Manager as well as a 411 Customer Service Manager.  I have a beautiful family with my wife Katherine, who helps manage the agency, and two little warriors named Wyatt and Elijah. My dream was to be a country music star.

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