INA Weekly Brief

Creating Happy Parents for Happy Babies

January 23, 2018
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As we continue our series spotlighting just some of the workshops INA is excited to bring you at the 2018 Conference, we will be taking a look at Dr. Shoshana Bennet’s, aka, Dr. Shosh, workshop:  Creating Happy Parents for Happy Babies.  

We asked Dr. Shosh why she felt the INA is a good fit and she told us: Leading training and workshops for nannies, doulas, and all newborn care professionals has been a great love of mine for three decades!  I’ve had the pleasure of speaking at previous INA conferences on the topic of perinatal depression and anxiety.  INA members are in such a perfect position to support and educate new and growing families, and in doing so, you often help to prevent these very common conditions.  

When we asked her to tell us a little about her workshop she said:  I’ll cover the how-to’s regarding what partners should and shouldn’t do both before and after the baby’s arrival in order to strengthen the relationship.  Questions from attendees might lead me in various directions (connected to the general topic) and that’s part of the fun of workshops. I enjoy giving practical tips to participants.  

We asked Dr. Shosh what she hopes attendees get from her workshop and to tell us a little about her presentation style. She told us “I want folks to walk away with new and useful ideas! I have an informal style, even when presenting to hundreds at a time. Workshops are interactive, so I welcome questions throughout. If folks want to send me questions before the workshop, that’s fine too.”

Let’s get to know Dr. Shosh a little more. After two life-threatening bouts of postpartum illness, Dr. Shoshana Bennett helped pioneer the field of maternal mental health. She founded Postpartum Assistance for Mothers in 1987, became president of California’s state organization Postpartum Health Alliance, and then served as President of Postpartum Support International.  Dr. Shosh is the author of Children of the Depressed, Postpartum Depression for Dummies, Pregnant on Prozac, and is the co-author of Beyond the Blues: Understanding and Treating Prenatal and Postpartum Depression & Anxiety. She is the creator of the app PPD Gone!, and is an executive producer of the documentary, Dark Side of The Full Moon. She recently co-founded the Postpartum Action Institute, committed to promoting parental health. To date, she has helped over 20,000 new moms and dads around the world through private consultations, tele-classes, conferences, webinars, and support groups.