INA Weekly Brief

Cultural Sensitivity: Serving Nannies and Families with Diverse Needs

January 26, 2018
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Over the next several weeks the INA will be running a series of blog posts highlighting just some of the workshops we are excited to be presenting in at our 2018 INA Annual Conference in Tucson, Arizona, May 17-20, 2018. 

Today we take a look at our workshop: Cultural Sensitivity: Serving Nannies and Families with Diverse Needs, presented by Khadijah Abdullah of Muslim Nannies. Diversity is beautiful, but it can also be a challenge when finding the right family, nanny or catering to a family’s needs. This workshop will provide you key components on how to work with families and other nannies of diverse backgrounds and cultures. In this increasingly diverse world, this workshop will be valuable to every caregiver working in a child’s home.

When we asked Khadijah what she hopes attendees get from her workshop, she told us she hopes for attendees to learn ways they can communicate and work parents and other nannies from various cultural backgrounds. When we asked what style of workshop will be she said she loves interactive workshops. Attendees will be able to submit their questions to the speaker in advance.

Khadijah is proud to be the Founder and CEO of Muslim Nannies and is a former nanny herself. She is also the mother to of one beautiful daughter so she knows first hand the challenges of finding quality care. Khadijah founded her agency to connect families with nannies who share the same values and beliefs.