Exciting changes to our Job Board!

Many of our businesses have asked for some changes to the Job Board and the INA has listened. We have several updates to our existing Job Board and are even offering companies an option to share their non-childcare related internal job postings with the INA.


Member Posted Jobs

All business INA members are able to post childcare related jobs for FREE through their member portal. Directions are found on our website. Currently, these run on our website. However, we will now be utilizing a separate INA Member Job Postings Facebook Page to give each and every job a post with an image and backlink to how people can apply for the job. So when you submit a job through your member portal, you can expect the job to be posted on this Facebook Page within 24 business hours. In order to build the audience for this additional INA FB Page, we will be sharing details weekly on our main FB page about this new page for the time being.


Internal Job Advertising


Many of our businesses have wondered if they could reach out to our large and international audience to post their internal (office and non-childcare related) jobs. While this is not something we can allow on our website Job Board, we have decided to provide an option for businesses that have internal jobs that they would like to advertise through the INA. Here are the options and what you will receive if you want to advertise in this way.


Social Media Post for business internal job posting (post = 1 image and 100-word post with 1 URL designed by the advertiser and given to the INA office)

  • $100/$200 per post on one social media platform FB or IG
  • $150/$300 per post on both FB and IG
  • $250/$500 for 2 posts on both FB and IG
  • $300/$600 for 3 posts on both FB and IG

Direct Email for business internal job posting (email = 100-word email with 1 image prepared by the advertiser and sent from the INA office)

  • $250/$500 one email to all Childcare Professional, Support Group, and Newborn Care Specialists Members
  • $300/$600 one email to all INA members
  • $500/$1000 to our database

Member Prices/Non-Member Prices

Statistics on current followers, members and database:

  • Facebook: 7000+ followers
  • Instagram: 2300+ followers
  • Caregiver Members (Childcare Professional, Support Group, and Newborn Care Specialists Members: 740+ members)

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