The Marketing and Promotions Committee is excited to announce that the first ever INA Family Quilt is going to be made! This physical representation of the International Nanny Association’s membership will be made up of pieces of fabric (called “squares”) sent in by members from all over the world, representing that members’ region.

The finished Quilt will be at all official INA events and will house a special place to have inspiring conversations, planning sessions, exchange encouraging words, and more.

We hope you are interested in sending us a Square that represents your location!

Fabric swatches from individual members that do not contain any logos are FREE to add to the quilt (members just pay the shipping to get it to us).

Swatches that contain Member Business logos or names (like from an agency, educator, or NCS) will be able to pay for their square as Advertising space on the Quilt for $25. This advertisement can be purchased on the INA  Estore.

If you are interested in sending us a Square to add to the Quilt, please fill out the form in the Member Portal, and we will send you an email with further information and directions. The deadline to mail Squares to the INA will be January 18, 2019.

To access the form go to

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  • 2019 Quilt Submission

The fabric for submissions should ideally be 100% cotton but a cotton blend is workable. T-shirt material is ideal but no super stretch/legging-type cotton materials.

Squares need to be 12 inches by 12 inches OR 1/3 of a Yard OR 30 centimeters by 30 centimeters OR a whole T-shirt. NO Logos that you do not own. No sports teams, non-INA Member businesses, etc.
Please note that squares that are sent in by Members (which should be representative of a location) may be cut down considerably.
Squares that are Paid Advertisements will try to encompass all of the logo, but will be cut down to at least 10 inch Squares, possibly smaller. The Quilt-maker will have final control and autonomy as to how the Squares fit together. Not all ad spaces are guaranteed to be the same size.

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