INA Blog Hope for New Parents 1The opportunity to see and hold your baby for the first time is one of the most incredible gifts in life and when it comes time to bring the baby back home, it can feel exciting and overwhelming. Being a parent is full of rewards, but it’s also really hard work – especially at first. Dealing with adjusting your everyday routine, sleepless nights, and determining what your baby needs can be very challenging on your emotions. This is especially true for parents that are experiencing bodily changes and the swing of postpartum hormones. Thankfully, there is hope for new parents and keeping these tips in mind can help.

Hire in-home help.

Hiring a newborn care specialist to help during those first few weeks and months can be a lifesaver. A newborn care specialist is a unique type of nanny that has specific training in newborn care, sleep training, and/or nursing. Many times, they are able to provide 24-hour childcare service for families that have just welcomed a new child into the home. Usually, they start work during the first few weeks or months of the child’s life, which is incredibly helpful for families working to establish new methods and routines. It also gives new parents a break to rest and catch up on sleep, run errands, or work around the house.

Ask for other support.

The old saying ‘it takes a village’ really is true when it comes to parenthood. The more support you have, the better! Ask your network of friends, family members, neighbors, or other trusted individuals for help if you need it. Parenthood is not meant to be something you walk through completely alone. If you are feeling that way, it can lead to feelings of distress, anxiety, and depression – especially when you combine those with hormones and lack of sleep.

Give yourself grace.

There is no guidebook for parenthood. So, with that, you will need to remember to be flexible, learn as you go, and give yourself lots of grace in the meantime. Many times, you will have an idea in your mind of how you wanted things to be, but things might work out differently from how you’d planned. That’s okay – give yourself some slack and keep moving forward.  

No matter how drastically your life changes as a new parent, remember that there is always hope. Your new addition is a blessing that you can revel in, and it is a true wonder to be there to see their personality and talents. Even when times get tough – and they will – being a parent is filled with lots of hope along the way.


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