INA Board Spotlight: Stacie Steelman

In the continuing series spotlight of your INA Board Members, we are going to get to know Stacie Steelman a better. Stacie is the Treasurer for the INA and sits on the Executive Board.

We asked Stacie what her job is and she told us:

“I am the CEO and Founder of Crunch Care, a domestic staffing and back up care company that services 5 metropolitan areas in the US.”

When we asked Stacie what brought her to the Nanny Industry she shared this with us:

“When I resigned from my career in corporate recruiting to stay home with my first born I quickly realized the need for a professional staffing company that provides in-home child care. I started the company as a hobby in 2006 and here I am 12 years later.”

We asked Stacie what brought her to the INA and she told us:

“Bob King was my attorney when starting my business years ago. He introduced me to the INA and recommended me as a Board Member. At the time my children were very young but after a few years of being more present with them at home, I decided to take on the opportunity about 4 years ago.”

Stacie told us what she finds most beneficial about the INA:

“I love the general camaraderie and community of business owners and industry related people. I think the sharing of ideas and concepts is integral in operating such a unique staffing company and the relationships I have made via the International Nanny Association have been not only an important part of my career but my life.”

We asked Stacie what she feels she brings to the INA and she told us:

“I enjoy contributing my business perspective to the Board and advancing us in terms of financial knowledge and organization. Each year I have sat on the Board as the Treasurer I have been able to get a better vision of our finances through detailed planning and analysis and make advances in the way we make our decisions, effectively leading to an evolution of the organization and what we are able to offer and accomplish. With not only Conference in mind, we now are able to look at the organization as a whole, understand our goals in terms of education and overall industry advancement, and allocate a portion of our income to making a mark in the industry.”

We asked Stacie to share with us something she is proud to have accomplished so far during her time on the Board and she said:

“I am extremely proud of the forecasting abilities I have implemented and utilize on a regular basis to make decisions regarding our budgets. I am also proud of the detailed analysis that has been done on our expenditures and income, building a functional budget for the organization with a deeper level conference budget. I feel like we have grown significantly as an organization and make our decisions in a well thought out, educated manner.”

Stacie told us the message she would like to share INA members as a whole:

“I think the message I would like the community to receive is that as we sit in our Board meetings, year after year, there is a very clear strategic goal in mind. While change is a difficult thing for any company or organization to go through it makes room for new opportunities and experiences. We hope to continue to get feedback from our Members and evolve and grow in a positive way that addresses all of our interests in the industry as best as possible.”

Treasurer, Stacie Steelman – (Carlsbad, California). Membership Committee Chair. Stacie Steelman, Founder and CEO of Crunch Care, Inc., began her career in the corporate staffing industry. Starting out as a Corporate Recruiter, she interviewed and placed hundreds of accounting and financial professionals for Adecco Corporation, a $5 billion dollar global recruitment leader. Stacie oversaw the Los Angeles region for the Accounting and Financial division and led her team through a large scale acquisition during those years. In l2001, Stacie relocated to La Jolla, San Diego and worked for a boutique recruiting firm. Shortly after having her first child she resigned from the corporate world and began her entrepreneurial adventure. Recognizing the obvious need in the San Diego market for reliable, trustworthy, “on call” in-home care solutions, Stacie began her new venture by founding Crunch Care, Inc. in 2006 which specializes in the recruitment of babysitters, nannies, and caregivers for newborns, children, the elderly, and post-surgical patients. Her experience in the corporate recruiting industry has lent her the opportunity to hire and source candidates at a high volume while managing teams of recruiters and sales professionals over the years. Stacie has been an INA member since 2007 and joined the Board of Directors in 2013.

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