The International Nanny Association is seeking several individuals to assist with the monthly blog posts of the association. The INA Weekly Brief is the official blog of the INA, and writers must meet the needs of the membership including nannies, specialty nannies, Newborn Care Specialists (NCS), agency owners and staff, parents and the general public. Interested individuals should have the following:


  • Organization: In order to keep the editorial calendar up to date and juggle several due dates concurrently, Bloggers must be exceptionally organized.
  • Experience in the Industry: As a blogger for the association for the entire in-home child care industry, candidates should have an extensive knowledge of the industry.
  • Communication Skills: Bloggers will need to collaborate with the INA office and President to produce the best possible content.
  • Writing Adaptability: To keep their blog as consistent and uniform as possible, Bloggers must be able to adapt to writing and editing in a certain style and tone. This is especially true if they’re managing multiple different blogs.
  • Analytical and Investigative Skills: In order to understand and cater to the audience as comprehensively as possible, Bloggers will need to analyze and investigate the informational needs of the industry. This includes nannies, Newborn Care Specialist, nanny parents, placement agencies, educators, payroll services, background check companies and other industry companies.
  • Knowledge of Google Drive: The INA uses Google Drive to create, share, and edit blog posts so bloggers will need to have a working knowledge of how to use this program.
  • Open to editing: to keep with the voice of INA in our blogs, INA may request certain edits be made to blog posts, in order to keep the cohesiveness of our content. Blogger must be open to adapting those edits.


  • Pitch Ideas: The blogger will discuss possible topics with the INA President before starting the writing process. The blogger will also need to accept suggestions on topics from the President and the Board.
  • Write: The blogger will be given a deadline to write each article and expected to keep this deadline.
  • Follow INA Writing Guidelines: The blogger will follow writing guidelines provided by the INA.
  • Edit: Once the article is written, the blogger will work with the INA President to edit each document based on the needs of the industry.
  • Implement SEO: Knowledge of SEO and promotion of blogs is a must for this position.

Scope of Work and Focus

  • The INA is looking for bloggers from all areas of the industry; Newborn Care Specialist, agencies, nannies, nanny employers, and other industry businesses.
  • We are planning on contracting with 2-4 regular bloggers writing a total of 5-6 blogs a month for the INA.
  • All blogs must be original content.
  • Pay will be per post. Blogger must submit itemized invoice the first of each month for the prior month posts, for payment.

Interested in writing for INA?

  • Please submit your name, email and website (if available).
  • Please submit six (6) writing samples of various works you have done in the past three (3) years.
  • Please provide three (3) references we may contact about your writing work.
  • Please provide us a with a description of your knowledge of the in-home child care industry.
  • Please provide us with five (5) topics you would write about, including headline.
  • Include your price per post.

Send to with the subject INA Blogger Job.

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