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INA is Hiring A Conference Coordinator

January 18, 2018
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The International Nanny Association would like to thank Kellie Geres for her many years of service to the INA Conference. She will not be renewing her contract for the 2019 Conference and the INA Board of Directors has begun the search for a new individual or firm to take the role of planning and implementing future conferences. The individual or firm would work directly with Kellie in the months leading up to the 2018 Conference and be asked to attend the 2018 Conference in Tucson, AZ, May 17-20, 2018.

Position Overview

The role of Conference Coordinator (CC) is to proactively address and coordinate the INA Annual Conference activities to remove these “to do” items from the INA Operations Manager and the Board of Directors. This person is to be the “hub” of conference details, knowing all the ins and outs of all activities related to conference.

Scope of Work

  • Produce all conference related emails, eblasts, social media posts and other communication.
  • Solicit sponsors and advertisers.
  • Prepare and publish all appropriate website pages and blogs with conference information
  • Coordinate Social Media for conference
  • Coordination of the development and printing of the conference program
  • Coordinate Speakers once they are chosen
  • Building and launching Conference Registration and Conference Information using Membership 365 and the INA website
  • Coordinate conference Surveys
  • Coordinate with Raffle Chair as needed
  • Coordinate with Conference Experience Chair including details for Group Dinners, Excursions, Conference Guides, Roommate Coordinator
  • Coordinate Bag selection and sponsorship – if needed
  • Coordinate Exhibitors
  • Arrive 1 day early to conference and be on-site for issues that might arise


Starts March of 2018. Will work with current Conference Coordinator to be up to speed by May of 2018. Attend 2018 INA Conference working directly with the registration table and Conference Coordinator in order to see how the process currently works. 2019 Conference planning starts in June of 2018.

Technical Requirements

Fluency in Office, Google Docs, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest. Basic knowledge of membership database software is needed. Must be able to write eblasts, blog posts, social media posts and other communication with quality and excellence.  

Principal Point of Contact

CC will work directly with Marcia Hall, the INA President, keeping the Board up to date on how things are going through this person. CC will also work directly with the sub-committee chairs – including the Operations Manager, Site Selection Coordinator, Treasurer, Program Coordinators (Nanny, Newborn Care Specialists, Agency), Conference Experience Coordinator, and Raffle Coordinator.

Interested in applying as the INA Conference Coordinator?

Please submit your name, email and:

  • A listing of your experience with event planning
  • An explanation of why you feel you would fit this position
  • Please provide three (3) references we may contact about your experience event planning.
  • Please submit two (2) writing samples of various works you have done in the past three (3) years.
  • Please provide us a with a description of your knowledge of the in-home child care industry.

Send to with the subject INA Conference Coordinator.