2023 Test Updates Are Here

2023 INA Test Updates 1We are happy to announce that the INA’s updated assessments and exams are now available! All test questions have been evaluated and edited based on new industry knowledge and advancements with a goal to make them equitable and inclusive for everyone. The Study Guides have also been updated with new information and any previously broken links have now been fixed. 

Find full details on the tests HERE. Here is what is new for 2023. 

Credential Exams

  • The new versions of the Credential Exam will be used moving forward. INA Members have a chance once a month to take either exam for free. Sign up now through THIS FORM. Anyone purchasing the exam on our Estore will also be taking these new exams. 
  • Nanny and NCS Credential exam takers will now have 75 minutes to take 75 multiple choice questions. This update is designed to make the exam more challenging and yet more accessible. 
  • Online classes and renewals for First Aid and Children/Infant CPR are now acceptable.
  • There have been a number of new questions added to each exam that reflect the current needs of children and other growth in the childcare world. 
  • The logos have been updated to reflect the year that the individuals passed the exam. Your INA Credentials do not expire but since the INA Credential Exams will now be updated annually and INA Members can take them once a year for free, you can show your commitment to continuing education by taking the exam every year and displaying all your logos on your resume!
  • Both exams will be available in Spanish very soon!

Basic Skills Assessments 

  • Agencies who have a subscription to the Nanny or NCS Basic Skills Assessments will not need to do anything. The updated tests have already been added to the links and codes you currently use. 
  • Those who purchase the assessments on the INA Estore will now be directed to take the new test and receive the new Certificate. 
  • Languages other than English will be available very soon. The Spanish version should be ready within a few weeks. 

Thank you to those that worked hard to update these resources over the last few months: 

  • Danielle Bujnak
  • Laura Schroeder
  • Rachel Wachman
  • Thaty Oliveira
  • Tonya Sakowicz
  • Marcia Hall

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