Introducing the 2019 Nanny of the Year

The INA is excited to introduce you to our 2019 Nanny of the Year!


Heidi is a career nanny who is an INA Credentialed Nanny, trained NCS and has spent most of her life working with children.

Heidi will receive her honor at the 2019 INA Conference in New Orleans, LA on March 22, 2019.

Before becoming a nanny almost 20 years ago, Heidi worked in preschools and daycare settings, earning her Early Childhood Associate. Her first nanny position was as a live-in for 7 years. She continued her work with children as a travel nanny and a pet sitter, transitioning her into a big move from the East Coast to the LA area. Heidi went back to full time nannying working for families in the entertainment business. Heidi has worked with multiple sets of twins, some all at the same time. She is currently on her 3rd year working as a nanny/family assistant with an amazing little girl and travels a good deal of the year between the East and West coasts.

Heidi enjoys growing her career education by keeping up with current guidelines/recommendations and taking classes, like iNNTD, child nutrition and cooking, child psychology, and more. She loves to keep in communication with all her past families, including her first family from 20 years ago. She feels it is amazing to see who these little people grow up to be! In her spare time, Heidi loves to be with friends, read, travel and scuba dive. Any other divers – let’s go!!

Heidi’s nominator, Ellen Crafts, said: My husband and I go to work each week knowing that we have someone who is not only taking care of our daughter’s basic needs but who also, every day – with love – is teaching her so many important things that are helping her to grow into a pretty amazing kid. Parents, Kiddo and Nanny…we are a team, a unit, a family!

Watch Heidi learned that she would be receiving this honor.

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