Nannies: 5 ways to make your agency application ‘pop!’

Agencies receive multiple resumes each week to sift through and find their gems! In order to be sure it’s your resume that stands out, here’s a few tweaks to include in that initial, oh so important intro… your online application!

  1. Upload a resume void of spelling and grammatical errors, submitted in the format it was requested.  
  2. If there’s an opportunity to share what you enjoy about childcare or add a bio (there often is) let your love of kiddos shine through. I once read a headline that went like this , “I’m a fan of toothless grins and sticky high fives!” That’s a nanny I wanted to meet ASAP, those 10 words spoke volumes about her enthusiasm and genuine love of children.
  3. Avoid redundant lists of adjectives that speak to your skills. While they may be true, a well thought out sentence or two, highlighting the special gifts and quality of care you can bring to a family resonates much better.
  4. Remember, this is your last opportunity to make a first impression! Answer all questions fully and accurately, questions are not optional!
  5. If there’s an opportunity to upload a photo it’s a great idea to do so, in addition to your now ‘stand out application’ you can make yourself even more memorable! Agents meet a lot of applicants, it helps to match a resume to your lovely smiling face!

Remember, these are the folks you’re asking to represent you in finding your next position! You have to get by them before you even get to impress a family, so do your homework on the agency, submit a thoughtful, accurate application and find a genuine way let your passion for childcare show on paper!

Now you can sit back and wait for your interview call! When that comes, please be sure to :

  1.    Be on time
  2.    Dress the part, you’re not playing in the sandbox today!
  3.    Smile
  4.    Prepare, bring the required documents
  5.    Ask questions, it shows us you’re not only interested but proactive. These are invaluable qualities in a great nanny!

Good luck!

by Joanne Barrow, Nannies by Noa

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