Many Faces of INA Nannies: Thaty Oliveira

Thaty OliveriaToday the INA would like to introduce you to Tatiane Dias de Oliveira. She is currently working in Cambridge, MA but is originally from Brazil. She came to the US in 2003 as an Au Pair and got her first full-time nanny position in the US in 2007. Known by her friends and family in the US as Thaty, she has a BA in Education and a Masters of Arts in Teaching English as a Second Language and Bilingual Studies. Thaty was recently featured on the BBC and was one of the INA’s Nanny of the Year Nominees this past year. Thaty had some positive things to say about her career as a nanny.

INA: What does your typical day as a nanny look like?

Thaty: I come in the morning for reading and cuddle time! My sleepy head is still getting dressed and we take our time getting ready for the day. After our cuddling rituals, we are ready for adventures out of the house, around 9am. We then hit playgrounds, museums, waterparks… whatever we feel like, then we are back around noon when Froggy goes down for a nap. This is the time I answer emails, work on my coaching/mentoring business, write blogs, etc. She is up at 3, then more cuddles, until her tummy says it’s time for snack. Afternoons are usually quieter, and before I am done for the day, we usually walk her [toy] lion around the block and greet neighbors who are also out walking their dogs!

INA: What is your favorite part of being a nanny?

IMAG0049Thaty: I get to see my work reflected on these little creatures. I really can’t see a more fulfilling, or rewarding career than seeing your kiddo turn into a kind, smart, empathetic, curious little person. Knowing that all that came from me, the person who spent most of their waking times, for years, exploring, guiding, mentoring and teaching but also learning so much from them, it is a true blessing, really.

INA: If you could give other nannies one piece of advice, what would it be?  thatyvan1

Thaty:  It does not matter how many years of experience you may have, or how many degrees you may have, I don’t think it is for us to come to parents and tell them how to raise their children. We may have experience, but as long as the kids are being safe, and not neglected, I wait for parents come to me for advice. I don’t go into any household and tell them how parenting should be done. Each family is different and each child is unique. We need to adapt to them, and not the other way around.

INA: Can you share a positive story about your time as a nanny?

Thaty: I have been blessed with many wonderful families over the years. My first family, who I truly see as my own, gave me a full scholarship to finish my undergraduate studies here in the United States. And more than that, my mom boss, was my true inspiration. She was my mentor and guide when I started caring for children in this country.   

I got married last year, in their backyard, because they wouldn’t have it any other way. My first charge was the ring bearer and the grandmother was our minister. It was absolutely amazing.

Thank you Thaty for sharing your thoughts and experience with the INA

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